Scenario: When I bought the computer, the OEM just helped me allocate the hard disk into two drives, drive C 8.67GB and F 18.79GB, apart from which there is an unallocated space, 8.44GB. Therefore, I decide to add unallocated space to drive C, but what disappoints me is that the “Extend Volume” option just grayed […]


Windows Server 2003 Inbuilt Disk Management We all know Windows 2003 disk management doesn’t have the resize partition function. But for so many server users, the disk space of C drive is always low. After installing some important program or storing some significant information, the system partition is nearly full. Then what shall we do […]


There is common problem that the system partition always runs out of space, so that users can not install other operation programs. What’s worse, the computer runs more and more slowly. Unfortunately, the built-in Disk Management can not overcome this problem. It just has the functions of “Mark Partition as Active”, “Change Drive Letter and […]


Question: My computer has a total size of 80GB, which includes two partitions, drive C 20GB and drive D 60GB. The partition C has little free space after install the operating system, but drive D still has more than 50GB free space. Therefore, I decide to resize partition Windows 2003. How can I achieve my […]


Question & Answer Question: Two years ago, I bought a computer of windows server 2003 which has a total of 120GB. The OEM partition the hard disk into two drives, including 12GB in system (C) drive and more than 100GB in drive D. It has been working well for a long time, but now there […]