Migrate System Drive to a Smaller Solid-State Disk People may have encountered such problem like below. “I was trying to move an existing OS installation on a hard drive in one machine to an SSD in a completely different and new machine. That’s something I had never attempted to do. So how can I install […]


Problems You May Encounter When Partitioning Unallocated Space Unallocated space, or free space, is logical space on a hard drive that the operating system, e. g Windows can write to. It is space that is not allocated to active files within a file system. When you create a new file, the operating system finds available […]


Dynamic Disk and Logical Partition A dynamic disk is a physical disk that contains dynamic volumes that you create by using Disk Management. Compared with basic disks, dynamic disks provide more features, such as, the ability to create and delete simple, spanned, striped, mirrored and RAID-5 volumes; extend a simple or spanned volume; remove a […]


How to Transfer My Current System Drive to Solid-State Disk (SSD)?

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Why Need to Transfer System Drive to SSD? Solid-state drive (SSD), also called a flash drive, is a type of hard drive. A SSD has a special kind of memory chip with erasable, writable cells that can hold data even when powered off. SSD has many advantages. It’s faster than traditional drive. The SSD is […]


Cannot Create 5th Drive on HP Laptop “I have a HP laptop, and it already comes with 4 partitions, and I don’t feel comfortable messing with those since I really don’t know what would happen. If I try to create a 5th partition, the disk manager prompts me to make the disk dynamic, otherwise it won’t […]


What is the SSD? SSD, short for solid-state drive, is also known as solid-state disk or electronic disk. It is a data storage device using integrated circuit assemblies as memory to store data persistently. Solid-state drive has several strengths over the traditional hard disk drive. The majority of the advantage comes from the fact that […]


Only 2TB Disk Space Shows in Disk Management  “I just bought a new 128GB SSD for system and a 3TB external hard drive for data. But only 2TB of disk space was shown in Disk Management.” Some people might have encountered such problem. Did they do something wrong? The answer is definitely no. As is […]


Free Cloning OS HDD to Create Bootable SSD for Windows 7

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Brief introduction of HDD and SSD HDD is short for Hard Drive Disk. It’s a data storage device used for storing and retrieving digital information using rapidly rotating disks coated with magnetic material. Usually, hard disk drive is the main and largest data storage in a computer. The hard disk drive stores operating system, programs […]


Partition resizing: merge, shrink, extend partitions In most operating systems, users can divide a hard disk into multiple partitions: make one physical hard disk into several smaller logical drives. On Microsoft Windows, commonly, users are used to store the OS and applications on one hard disk partition and user data on another hard disk partition. […]


Best Way to Repair Invalid Dynamic Disk in Windows 7

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You may find the drive appears as “invalid dynamic disk” when exploring Windows built-in disk manager in Windows 7. Invalid dynamic disk can be caused by many reasons, such as, Operation System upgrade, virus attack, accidental power off, hardware environment change and usage of second-hand hard disk, etc. If you are Windows 7 Home Basic […]