Two Solutions to Add A Partition to Hard Drive

July 20, 2016

Add a partition to hard drive in Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP is a way to make multiboot different operating systems possible and make an extra storage medium for special file or for backing up important data.


Add a partition to hard drive in Windows XP\Vista\7\8\8.1\10 is a good idea when you want to separate your hard disk into different parts for storage, that is, a new partition added could be used as an extra storage medium for backing up important files which is a precaution in case one fails. In addition, if dualboot is what you need, add a new partition can be helpful for you to try a new operating system without overwriting your main Windows drive.

Here, one thing you should notice when you add partition to hard drive - whether your disk is MBR or not. MBR disk only supports 4 primary partitions at most, if you want to have more partition on it, you should make one partition an extended partition first and then create partition on hard drive known as logical partition. However, when you want to have dual systems, you must create a primary partition to store system files since system can only be booted in primary partition, if not, you'd better convert MBR to GPTwhich supports 128 partitions and all of them are similar to primary partition of MBR disk.

Add a partition to a hard drive with Disk Management

Disk Management is the utility in Windows, while using it to add partition to hard drive, there must be unallocated space on disk. If not, you should shrink partitions to get one first and then finish job.

Step 1: Right click the partition on which you want to create a new one (here is D drive), then select “Shrink Volume”.

Shrink Partition

Step 2: Set the partition size you want to shrink, and click “Shrink”.

Set Size

Step 3:Right click the unallocated space created by shrinking D drive, and select “new simple volume” to create a new partition. Then you can follow the wizard to set drive letter, partition size, volume label and file system of new partition.

Create Partition

Add a partition to a hard drive with AOMEI Partition Assistant

AOMEI Partition Assistant, a free and convenient partition software, can help you create a new partition on exiting partition easily and without shrinking partition. Besides, it supports all Windows editions including Windows 7\8\8.1\10\XP\Vista.

Step 1:Download, install and launch AOMEI Partition Assistant. Right click D drive and select “Create Partition”.

Create Partition PA

Step 2: Set the drive letter and partition size here. “Partition Label” and “File System” are hid under the “Advanced”. (Since disk 1 is a GPT disk, the partition created will be primary partition by default.)

Set PA

Step 3: You can view the result here, and don’t forget to click “Apply” to implement the operation.


As you see, when you use AOEMI Partition Assistant, you can achieve to add a partition to hard drive within just three steps which is so convenient. Also, you can use it to copy disk, convert NTFS to FAT32, make bootable media and so on.