Clone Hard Drive to Larger Drive Safely and Easily

January 24, 2019

Need to replace a hard drive with larger one but without reinstalling, you can clone hard drive to larger drive via a powerful and comprehensive disk cloning tool – AOMEI Partition Assistant.

When need to clone hard drive to larger disk?

After using desktop or laptop for several years, you may find out that the capacity of the original hard drive cannot satisfy the increasing data storage demand with receiving low disk space warning error message. You may try to delete data or uninstall some applications to free up disk space on the hard drive. But if you want to solve the issue effectively, replacing your hard drive with a larger disk is the best solution.

When comes to replacing disk, the first idea that occurs to you might be the time-wasting and energy-consuming Windows and applications reinstallation. In fact, you don’t have to do these if you choose to clone hard drive to larger drive.

A disk cloning software for Windows 10/8/7

As what aforementioned, you can manage to replace hard drive without reinstalling through disk cloning. Actually, disk cloning can also be applied when you need to protect your important data stored on the original disk.

Then, how to clone a hard drive in Windows? Some hard drives like Samsung SSD or Intel SSD have built-in data migration software and you can perform hard drive cloning via the software.

If the new hard drive built-in data migration software like Samsung Magiciannot working or it has no such tool, you can turn to a trusted and powerful hard drive cloning software – AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional.

It offers two methods of disk copy: “Disk Copy Quickly” and “Sector-by-Sector Copy”. The first way allows you not only to clone hard drive to larger drive, but also to clone larger hard drive to smaller drive as it only copy the used space on the original disk to destination one. The second way can copy all sector on the source disk no matter it is used or not, ensuring that the destination disk is exactly the same as source one. You can select one based on your demand.

How to clone a hard drive to large one?

To copy a hard drive to larger solid state drive or hard disk drive, connect the larger drive to your computer at first. Then, do as the following steps (Supposed that your computer is running Windows 10):

Step 1. Install and launch AOMEI Partition Assistant. Choose “Disk Copy Wizard” in the main interface. Then choose one way to copy disk and click “Next” (The first way is recommended).

Clone Hard Drive to Larger Drive

Step 2. In the window like the following screenshot, you need to select a disk as your source disk.

Select a Hard Drivee

Step 3. Choose a disk as your destination drive. If the drive is SSD, tick the box before Optimize the performance of SSD.. to align SSD partitions.

Select Larger Drive

Step 4. Here you can adjust partition size on the destination drive.


PS.: If you clone hard drive to smaller SSD, the option “Copy without resizing partitions” will be greyed out.

Step 5. You’ll be prompted by a note about how to boot from the cloned disk after cloning, read it and keep it in mind.


Step 6. You’ll return to the main interface. Click “Apply”>“Proceed” to commit operation.



  • If you clone MBR system disk to GPTor versa vice, you need to enter BIOS to change boot mode, so that you can boot from the cloned hard drive successfully.

  • All the data on the destination disk will be overwritten; you can make a backup using AOMEI Backupper before cloning, if there are important files on it.


Whether you want to clone hard drive to larger drive or smaller drive, AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional can be helpful. And it enables you to copy partition or migrate OS to SSD without reinstalling in Windows. What you need to pay attention is that it is suitable for Windows 101/8.1/8/7, XP and Vista; if you need to copy Windows Server hard drive, AOMEI Partition Assistant Server will be your perfect choice.