By Bryce / Last Updated July 16, 2019

My computer’s operating system is Windows 7. Recently, I have bought an Intel 520 Series Solid-State Drive of 240 GB to replace my hard drive for better computer performance. I want to achieve the same configuration of system and application on Intel SSD as hard drive. Shall I copy all the data on hard drive and paste them on SSD? If I do that, I have to reinstall the system and applications. The whole process is time-consuming and laborious. I’m wondering that whether there is any other way to keep the same layout of system and programs on SSD easier and faster?

The easiest way is to clone hard drive to SSD on Window 7

As you know, it is time-wasting and inconvenient to copy and paste all the content on hard drive to SSD for realizing the same layout on SSD. Fortunately, there are other ways for us to make it. To back up all the data and restore them is an acceptable solution; but it is still a little bit troublesome for you to operate. Therefore, it is highly recommended to clone hard drive to SSD on Windows 7, which can copy operating system and all the other files from HDD to SSD to attain the goal of the same operating system and applications without restoring and reinstalling them.

The best disk cloning software for Windows 7/8/10

It is obviously that cloning Windows 7 hard drive to SSD is the easiest way to achieve your goal. Then, how to clone HDD to SSD? As Windows 7 has no built-in cloning software, you have to apply third party disk cloning software to clone HDD/SSD to SSD to finish the task as fast as you can. Nowadays, there is a large number of cloning software in the software market; you need to choose the best one to perform the task more effectively. Thus, we’d like to offer some reference factors for you to choose the best disk cloning software.

How to choose good disk cloning software?

Although it is hardly to list all elements that good software should own, some important factors are presented in following part:

  • Ease-to-use: Good disk cloning software’s interface shall be friendly to users and it shall be simple to operate even for non-tech computer users.

  • Safe and effective: Great hard drive clone software shall not damage the data and files during cloning process. What’s more, it shall finish the whole cloning process effectively rather than wasting plenty of time of computer users.

  • Good compatibility: As good cloning software, it shall be able to support various operating systems such as Windows 7 and Windows 8/10. Besides, it can also support SSDs belonging to different brands.

  • Flexible:Fantastic cloning software shall enable computer users to choose what part of hard drive to clone.

AOMEI Partition Assistant completely meets all the above mentioned factors. Therefore, it is highly recommended to apply it to clone HDD/SSD to SSD on Windows 7/8/10.

How to clone HDD to SDD using AOMEI Partition Assistant on Window 7/8/10?

You must have done the following preparation works before cloning hard drive to SSD on Windows 7/8/10 via AOMEI Partition:

Connect the SSD to your computer and if you want to replace laptop hard drive with SSD you may need a SATA to USB cable.

Sort out your disk, delete unnecessary files and transfer important files to another safety place if the used space of HDD is larger than the SSD to facilitate cloning process and ensure cloning software work successfully.

Download and install AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard.

PS: In advance of cloning disk, you’d better backup your disk just in case that something wrong happens.

The detailed steps to clone HDD to SDD with AOMEI Partition Assistant are as follows:

Step 1: Fire up the disk copy software. Then, to clone HDD/SSD to SSD on Windows 7/8/10, you should right click the disk that you need to clone and select “Copy Disk”.

Copy Disk

Step 2: Choose the copy method that you want to apply to copy disk and click “Next”. In general, it is recommended to select “Copy Disk Quickly”, which is the faster way. As for the option of “Sector-by-Sector”, all sectors of the HDD will be clone to destination disk. Meanwhile, the deleted or lost files will be copied as well.

Select Disk Copy Method

Step 3: Select destination disk. When it is SSD, it is advisable to tick the box before “Optimize the performance …” Then, click “Next”.

Select Destination Disk

Step 4:There are three options about editing disk in this windows. Click “Next” after making a decision.

Edit Disk

Step 5:Click “Apply” to implement the pending operation.

Copy Hard Drive to SSD Windows 7

After finishing cloning process, you may need to adjust your BIOS Settings if you keep you old hard drive and SSD at same time.

All in all, AOMEI Partition Assistant can clone hard drive to SSD on Windows 7/8/10 effectively and securely and it is suitable for Vista/XP as well. What’s more, it owns many other functions such as resize partition, partition copy and migrate OS to SSD. However, AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Version only support migrate OS from MBR disk to MBR SSD/HDD. When you need to migrate Windows 7 from MBR HDD to GPT SSD, you can upgrade it to Professional version.