How to Clone Recovery Partition to External HDD in Windows 10/8/7?

February 18, 2019

The AOMEI software provides you a simple way to clone recovery partition to external HDD in Windows 10/8/7. Read it to learn how to clone recovery partition to external hard drive.

The Function of Recovery Partition

We always backup our data in order to protect the damage of data or data loss. If this kind of situation came out, we can restore those data by recovering partition. And the damaged or lost data could be recovered in a few minutes. Once we deleted the partition accidentally, the data will be lost. However, we can barely worry about the unexpected operations which lead the data loss only if you backup it before. The recovery partition will help you to restore it. If you learn a little about it, you can click recovery partition to learn more.

Clone Recovery Partition to External HDD Can Save Space

A guy said that there is a 20GB recover partition on his Windows 7 hard disk, and it occupies a lot of space. We all know that if there are little free space on the hard disk would affect the property of Windows OS. So, it must be solved in time.

Our windows local hard disk space is limited. But we still need to recovery partition to protect our data safe. However, it will occupy so much space on the local disk space. Thus, clone recovery partition to external HDD and delete the original one is a good way to release the space. We can use some software to save more time and ensure the safe of data. We can use AOMEI Partition Assistant or AOMEI Backupper to help us, for its simple operation and it can keep the data safe.

The Steps for Clone Recovery Partition to External HDD

We may know that clone recovery partition to external by using AOMEI Partition Assistant or AOMEI Backupper could become easier. But, how to do it? Well then, let me explain you step by step of the two methods.

Before cloning, please make sure that you have already backed up the data. Backup is always asked in case of the unexpected operation or the suddenly shutdown of the computer.

AOMEI Partition assistant

Step1.Install and launch AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional. For many brand PC, they usually have a partition named “Recovery”. Right click this partition and select “Copy Partition”.

Copy Partition

Step2.Originally, we recommend choose “Copy Partition Quickly”.

Select Partition

Step3. Select an unallocated space as the destinaiton place in where you want to copy the recovery partition to, and click Next.

Destination Space

Step5. After doing those steps, we can see that there is a G partition on the Disk2, and the label is “Copy of F”. Thus, click “Apply” to commit the task. And you are cloning the recovery partition to an external HDD successfully.

Click Apply

AOMEI Backupper

Step1. Install and launch AOMEI Backupper. Click “Partition Clone” under the “Clone”.

Partition Clone

And you must choose the source partition that you want to clone. Here takes C drive as source partition for example.

Choose Source Partition

Step2. Next, you must select the destination partition. Choose the partition on disk 2 in order to clone recovery partition to external HDD.

Choose Destination Partition

Watch out the select circle. If you choose the “Sector by sector clone”, you must ensure that the destination drive has a bigger space than the source partition. If you choose the “Align partition to optimize for SSD”, it will be in the very best disk partition.

Start Clone

Step3. After step2, it will be cloned. When the process finished, click the finish button.

Finish Click

Congratulations! You have finished the task. Hope that this passage will help you to clone recovery partition to external HDD.


● Clone recovery partition to external HDD with AOMEI Partition Assistant or AOMEI Backupper can work without reboot the machine.

● AOMEI Partition Assistant and AOMEI Backupper will keep your data safe in every step. But considering many unexpected situations, backup data always should be asked.