How to Remove/Delete Hidden Partition on USB Drive in Windows 10/8/7?

April 30, 2019

If you want to delete hidden partition on USB drive in Windows 10/8/7, you can refer to this article. We will share three different methods to help you remove hidden partitions on hard drive with ease.

“How do I delete hidden partition on USB drive?”

“I want to delete the hidden primary partition that came by default from my 4 GB USB drive. It is preventing the drive to boot with windows 10. Also it is not allowing the drive to play media files on media peripherals. Any help would be highly appreciated.”

What is hidden partition and what is it used for?

Hidden partitions refer to partitions which are set to be hidden on purpose to enhance the data security. Usually, users cannot see those partitions in Windows File Explorer. The most common hidden partitions should be the recovery partitions, which contain system files to assist users to restore the OS to the original state during Windows crash or corruption. But users can also delete the recovery partition to free up more useful space as long as a backup of this partition has been created in advance.

Besides, computer users could also set a specific partition “hidden” by removing its drive letter to protect their critical files from being peeked or stolen by others, or any accidental deletion.

Why need to delete hidden partition on USB drive?

Although hiding partition on the USB drive or other internal or external drives does a great job of keeping everything you care safe, there are still many situations where you need to remove hidden partition on USB drive, such as:

>To get more available space from the USB drive. When the saved files in the hidden partition are not useful any longer, you can delete the hidden partition to free up the hard drive space.

>To make the fullest use of the USB drive. As we all know, Windows prior to Windows 10 can only recognize and access the first primary or logical partition on a USB, that means you cannot use all the capacity of this drive when there are two or more partitions, the hidden partition is also counted. Then you have to delete the extra (hidden) partition to restore the USB back to full capacity.

>To get a clean and safe partition. If the hidden partition is damaged or corrupted by virus, malware or even the human operation errors, you can fix it by deleting the partition and then creating a new one.

How to remove hidden partition effectively?

Before you start the process of trying to delete a hidden partition from a USB drive, you should know you will all information in that partition. So if you still keep those data, you can back up them first.

There is more than one method to delete a hidden partition on USB drive in Windows 10/8/7 computer. Below we will show you 3 different solutions.

Method 1. Remove hidden partition on USB drive in Windows Disk Management

As we all know, the hidden partition without a drive letter won’t show up in the Windows File Explorer, but you can see it in the Disk Management tool. So you can try to delete a hidden partition on USB drive using the Disk Management tool.

(1) Right-click “This PC”-->Manage-->Disk Management.

(2) Right-click the hidden partition on the USB, and select “Delete Volume” from the given list.

Seems quite easy! But sometimes Delete Volume is greyed out in Windows Disk Management, which prevents you from deleting the hidden partition successfully. At this moment, you can turn to Diskpart Command.

Method 2. Delete hidden partition on USB drive via Diskpart command

Diskpart is a text-mode command interpreter, and it is able to help you create, delete or format partition. To remove hidden partition on hard drive, first of all, press “Windows+R” simultaneously to open Run window and type “cmd” and press "Enter", then in the Command Prompt window, type the following commands in sequence and hit on “Enter” after each one.

1.     Type “diskpart” and hit enter.

2.     Type “list disk”: to present all disks on your computer.

3.     Type “select disk #”: “#” is the number of the target USB disk.

4.     Type “list partition”: to display all partitions on the USB.

5.     Type “select partition n”: “n” is the number of the hidden partition you want to delete.

6.     Type “delete partition” to delete the hidden partition.

Attention: Sometimes, the delete operation failed to work with displaying an error message “Cannot delete a protected partition without the force protected parameter set”, then you need to type “delete partition override” instead of “delete partition” in order to delete partition force.

Delete Partition Force

For those who are not an IT expert and don’t have enough knowledge about Diskpart command, it might be very tough for them to correctly type the command, which could lead to operation error, even worse, the data loss or disk crash now and then. So it is a great idea to delete the partition using a third-party software.

Method 3. Remove a hidden partition on USB disk using AOMEI Partition Assistant

If you are not that familiar with Diskpart commands, and want to make hidden partition removal as easy as possible, you can switch to AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard, which is a free but very powerful disk manage software with a clean interface, making it a wise choice for every computer user, even the newbies. Besides deleting hidden partition on USB drive, it can even help you wipe USB flash drive clean to protect the sensitive or personal data. Moreover, you can also use it to delete system/boot partition or any partition that contains the active paging file or crash dump (memory dump) files successfully, which cannot be completed via Diskpart override command.

(1) Free download this software. Install and run it. Right-click the hidden partition on this USB drive (marked as Hidden in the status) and select “Delete Partition”.

Delete Partition

(2) In this pop-out window, you can choose the required deleting method and click “OK”.

Delete Partition Quickly

(3) Back to the main interface, committing the pending operation by clicking “Apply”.



In this instruction, you can find 3 methods to delete hidden partition on USB drive. If someday you delete a wrong partition and lost important data, you can upgrade to AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro, which can help you recover partitions deleted accidentally with ease.