Extend C Drive for Dell Computer with Disk Partition Tool

December 18, 2014

For Dell users, how to extend C drive? Except making use of Windows self-contained function, we can also take advantage of a third party disk partition tool.

In almost all cases, the motivation for enlarging C drive is that C drive is running out of space. In default situation, the OS, all applications, public documents, public music and many such files are saved in C drive. The longer a PC is used, the more space of C disk is occupied by increasing data day by day. As a result, sooner or later, we will find our computers becoming older and older. They work more and more slow and sometimes even have a strike. If this happens, we should raise our attention; the C drives of our PCs are running on a low space. Then, how to solve it? Extend C drive, of course!

How to increase C disk for PC, such as Dell computer, is a hot discuss all around the world with the widely use of Dell PCs. Consequently, two solutions are put forward—using Windows self-contained function or taking advantage of a third party disk partition software. The first one is more convenient for we can directly make use of it. However, it has some limitations. For example, we cannot extend C drive if there is no unallocated space on the very right of C disk. Fortunately, there are not few third party disk partition tools available to do the task. Here, AOMEI Partition Assistant is taken as an example to show how to enlarge C drive.

Step1. Download free Partition Assistant Standard Edition and launch it.

Step2. Choose C drive and click “Extend Partition Wizard” on the upper left corner.

Choose Extend Partition Wizard

Step3. In the pup-out window, ensure the default choose is “Extend system partition” (it refers to C drive); click “Next”.

Step4. Click “Next” in the second pup-out confirmation window;

Step5. Select a partition from which we would like to get space for C drive; then click “Next”.

Take Space from D Partition

Step6. Pull the slide rightwards to increase C drive as our wishes; click “Next”.

Extend C Partition

Step7. Click “Proceed”. After all operations have been completed successfully, click “Finish”. (At this moment, the interface will get back to what is in step3, if we want to extend C drive once more, we can continue from here; if not, just click “Cancel”.)

With AOMEI Partition Assistant, we can easily enlarge our C disks following its steps. Besides, we can take space from any partition, whether it is on the very right of C drive or not or whether the space is unallocated or not. We can do the task only by choosing a drive and pulling the slide.

For AOMEI Partition Assistant, extending partition is only one single function of its many ones. Except that, it can also copy disk, migrate system to SSD, recover lost partition and things like that.