Extend Partition With All Unallocated Space Once

October 21, 2016

If you can not extend partition with unallocated space on the same disk in Windows 7/8/10, here provides you the solution.

Can’t add unallocated space to an existing partition

Many Windows users said they could not extend partition with unallocated space in Disk Management. Why? That’s because with Disk Management, you’re able to extend volume using unallocated space only in 2 prerequisites:

  • The unallocated space is adjacent to the partition that you wanna extend.

  • The unallocated space locates behind that partition.

Let’s take an example.

Grey Out.jpg

As the pictures shows, there’s an unallocated space between D drive and E drive. In this case, no matter you right click C drive or E drive, you’ll find the option “Extend Volume” is greyed out. Then, what should you do if you want to extend C or E drive?

Available solutions

  • Via Disk Management

Regarding the problem above, first, if you’re going to add unallocated space to partition C with Disk Management, you have to delete volume D. While all data on it will disappear so you need to back them up in advance. Second, you can not extend E since no unallocated space locates behind partition E. So, following part comes another more convenient method.

  • Via third-party partition software

AOMEI Partition Assistant is a professional disk/partition software which enables you to extend partition with unallocated space easily without data loss in Windows 7/8/10/XP and Vista. Let’s see how to extend partition to unallocated space via this tool.

Step 1: Install and launch AOMEI Partition Assistant.

Step 2: No matter how much unallocated space exist, you can add all unallocated space to a partition once through “Merge partitions” from contextmenu as long as they are on the same disk.

Merge Partitions.jpg

Step 3: Just tick all unallocated space then click “OK”. You’re also allowed to merge two adjacent partitions via this function.


Step 4: Pending operations will be listed in the main interface. You can redo any step before clicking “Apply” for final execution.


That’s it! Besides, “Resize Partition” can be used to extend partition with unallocated space, too. More advanced features are waiting for your exploration such as cloning a partition to SSD, copying a DVD onto USB, etc.