Free Partition Resizer Helps You to Extend Partition

December 18, 2014

Free partition resizer can expand the space of C drive to optimize computer performance and improve its speed, or shrink partition when one of your partitions is large enough. It is good helper for you to manage your partitions.

Computer has played an essential role in your daily life, when you buy a computer; it may have been installed with a system and come with a big C drive. But with time went by, your increasing data and installing application program make the space of C dick become less and less. This will directly influence your system performance and make you be trouble with your work. If you can resize free partition as you wished, the problem will be solved.

On the other hand, you store your different data on different partitions. Day after day the space of the partition you choose to install your applications or games is less and less. However, there are enough free space on the partition you store music, photos and videos. What can you do to solve the problem to take full use of your storage space?

Free AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard, as a free partition resize, which is designed for the users who want to manage their partitions easily. Besides, resize partition, it can help you move partition, make bootable CD, merge partitions, split partition, convert disk between MBR and GPT and more. What’s more, the easy-to-use interface makes you finish your task more easily and avoid time consuming.

For resize partition, it is well acknowledged that Disk Management also has this feature. But if you used Disk Management before, you may be find the Extend Volume is grayed out. Why does this happen? The reason is that Extend Volume only can be used when there is unallocated space contiguous to the partition you need to expand. Fortunately, this free software has no the limitation and it can help you extend your partition freely.

Under normal circumstances, when you hope to extend partition, there must be unallocated free space on your hard drive. If there is no unallocated space, with the help of AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard you can get unallocated space first and then enlarge partition.

Step1: Download, install and launch the software. Choose D drive and right-click it then select Resize Partition.

Resize Partition

Step2: Left move the bar to decide the space you want to allocate from D drive and then click OK.

Shrink D Drive

Step3: In the pop-window, you will see there is unallocated space (66.52GB) next to D drive.

Unallocated Space

Step4: Right-click C drive and then choose Merge Partitions.

Merge Partition

Step5: Choose unallocated space and then Click OK.

Extend C Drive

Step6: In the drop window, you can see C drive is increased to 116.52, 66.52GB than before. If you want to execute the operation then click Apply.

Click Apply

Besides merge unallocated space into partition, you can merge two partitions into one partition to reduce the number of your partitions. So when you feel there are too many partitions on your hard disk and it takes time for you to manage them one by one. This function will help you solve your problem about resizing partitions.


  • If there is running applications in the partition you need to operate, AOMEI Partition Assistant will suggest you to close them or perform the operation under PreOS Mode.
  • You can only merge 2 partitions in one time, and the two partitions must be adjacent. However, you can merge two or more parts of unallocated space into a partition. The unallocated space just need to be behind the partition, whether it is adjust to the partition or not.
  • You can merge data partition into system boot drive, however, you cannot merge system boot drive into data partition.