PNY SD Card Is Not Recognized on PC [Solved]

March 1, 2019

PNY SD card or flash drive not recognized in computer is not a rare problem. If you encounter this issue, you can read this article to learn why it happens and how to fix it.

The issue: PNY SD card is not recognized

Due to its portability and performance, PNY SD card is widely used to save and transfer data. Nevertheless, there are chances that you’ll find PNY SD card is not detected in Windows File Explorer or it is showing up but you fail to open it.

Effective Solutions under various conditions

PNY SD card not working on PC can originate from many elements. To fix it quickly, choose one or more solutions listed below according to specific situation.

Solution 1.Try another USB port

PNY SD card not recognized can occurs as the USB port is broken. Thus, you can insert the SD card into another USB port to check whether the SD card is detected and recognized.

Solutions 2. Enable USB Device in BIOS

If you have disabled the USB interface in BIOS, certainly, the PNY SD card will not detected in Windows File Explorer. If you have done that, enable USB device in BIOS. If not, omit this solution.

Solution 3. Update SD card device driver

Outdate driver can be the reason for PNY SD card not showing up in Windows as well. If so, do as follow:

1. Press Windows+ R to open Run window at the same time, type devmgmt.msc and hit Enter key.

2. Expand disk drive, right click PNY SD card device and select Update Driver Software among given list.

3. In the pop-up small window, choose Search automatically for updated driver software.

After that, open File Explorer to see whether PNY SD card is detected.

Solution 4. Rebuild MBR for PNY SD card

When MBR of PNY SD card is corrupted, it could not work normally. In such condition, you can fix corrupted MBR via a overall and powerful tool – AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard. Now, free download it and have a look at how it works:

1. Install and run AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard. In the main interface, right click the PNY SD card and choose Rebuild MBR.

Rebuild MBR SD Card

2. Here choose MBR type and click OK.

3. Click Apply and Proceed to commit operation.

After rebuilding MBR, check whether your SD card can be recognized.

Solution 5. Assign drive letter to PNY SD card

Sometime, PNY SD card not showing up in File Explorer can simply due to drive letter lost. Enter Disk Management by accessing Run window, inputting diskmgmt.msc and pressing Enter key to check the status of PNY SD card. If it is not assigned a drive letter, do as the following steps:

1. Right click the partition on PNY SD card and select Change Drive Letter and Paths…

2. In the pop-up min window, click Add button.

3. Choose a proper drive for your SD card partition and click OK.

Assign Drive Letter.jpg

3. Exit from Disk Management and you can view the SD card in File Explorer.

Solution 6. Reformat PNY SD card

If the file system of it is corrupted or it is formatted with incompatible file system, PNY SD card won’t be recognized and accessible in Windows. In such circumstance, you can format it with a proper file system that can be supported by Windows. What you need to pay attention is that, formatting will make all data saved on SD card gone; if there are important files on it, you can turn to third party data recovery software to retrieve files at first. Then, follow the steps below to reformat corrupted SD card.

1. Fire up AOMEI Partition Assistant. In the man interface, locate the SD card partition, right click it and choose Format Partition.

Formt SD Card

2. Here a mini window pops up. Choose an appropriate file system and then click OK. At the meantime, you can add partition label to or change cluster size of the SD card partition.

Choose File System

3. Click Apply and Proceed button to perform this operation.



  • AOMEI Partition Assistant can works with Windows 10/8.1/8/7, XP and Vista.

  • It owns many other functions like create multiple partitions on SD card, convert NTFS to FAT32 without data loss and so on.