How to Resize FAT32 Partition with Free Partition Assistant

July 25, 2017

Resize FAT32 partition is so important since the operating speed would become slow if the partition size becomes smaller. It is therefore that computer users need a third party partition assistant to resize FAT32 partition on the account of the incomprehe

    FAT32 adopts smaller cluster compared with FAT16 to improve the disk space utilization. As FAT32 support driver with a maximum volume of 2TB, which greatly enhance disk management capacity.

    FAT32 is not only able to relocate root folders but also able to ban the use of file allocation table to make to file allocation table instead of the first file allocation table at an active state. That is to say, FAT32 is more stable, reliable and flexible than FAT16.

    Computer users may encounter the situation of imbalanced partitions, which is likely to cause much unnecessary trouble, such as data loss, system crash and disk failure and so on. For an instance, lack of system partition space may result in making operating system work slowly. What is worse, lack of system partition space may cause computer shutdown, which could bring about data loss. With the development of the information-based society, data protection has been more and more urgent. It is therefore that we need a third party, Partition Assistant, to help users resize partition.

Partition Assistant Standard Edition developed by AOMEI, with comprehensive disk management functions, easy operations and user-friendly interfaces, can not only resize partition but also merge partitions, split partition, allocate free space, create/delete/format partition, copy disk, wipe partition and so on.

    The first step is that you should download this tool, install and launch, and right click and in the popping-up option menu, and then select desired partition and click “Resize Partition.

Srart Resize

    The second step is that you could adjust the size of partition by dragging the left or right double-headed arrow.

Resize Partition

    As shown in the following screenshot, user could click “Apply” to execute pending operation or click “Undo” to cancel previous settings.

Finish Resize

  • Accurately extend or shrink the original partition size
  • Keep the original data on partitions from losing during the whole operation
  • Support move partition during resizing partition
  • Support file system include: FAT32, NTFS
  • Support partition alignment automatically for SSD if you need

For more information on functions of AOMEI partition assistant, please go to the main page of AOMEI Partition Assistant