Securely Wipe Hard Drive with Disk Wipe Freeware

November 17, 2017

This article will offer you step-by-step guide about how to securely erase a hard drive under the help of the best hard drive wipe freeware – AOMEI Partition Assistant in Windows.

Why need to securely wipe a hard drive?

In the information times, you are likely to store many essential data on your computer hard drive. In order to protect your privacy, it is necessary to eliminate all data on the hard drive permanently when you intend to donate you hard drive to friend or throw up it. But what measures should you take to clear all data on the hard drive irrecoverably? What comes to your mind firstly might be formatting the hard drive. In fact, whether format the hard drive or delete all partitions has only hidden these data and the data still exist on the hard drive. And these apparently disappearing data can be easily recovered with some file recovery program. If you need to completely and permanently delete all the data on the hard drive, what you should do is to wipe the hard drive securely.

What is the best secure hard drive wipe freeware

As Windows Disk Management doesn’t allows you to wipe hard drive, you can try third party disk wipe software and AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard could be your best choice. This secure hard drive wipe freeware is able to erase all the data permanently on the hard drive no matter it is HDD or SSD. It is also able to wipe C drive or other drives on HDD securely, which is able to save your times. As for operability, with concise interface and human-based process design, AOMEI Partition Assistant is rather simple to handle even for novice computer users. In terms of compatibility, it is able to work on hard drives from different brands such as Toshiba or Seagate. AOMEI Partition Assistant is suitable for Windows 10/8.1/8/7, Windows Vista and XP. And if you need to apply it to Windows Server, it is available to upgrade it to Server Version.

How to wipe hard drive via free disk wipe tool?

Before securely wiping hard drive, you should keep the following things in mind:

  • It is not allowed to take the way wipe HDD to wipe SSD permanently and completely as the structure of SSD and HDD is differential. And you should take different measure to deal with disks of different type.

  • Secure wiping hard drive will totally erase all the data on the disk, thus you’d better back up the data that you want to keep before wiping disk.

  • It is also viable to wipe bootable hard drive via AOMEI Partition Assistant and you should be cautious to do it as the OS will be unable to be accessed after disk wipe.

Then you can download and install AOMEI Partition Assistant and follow the step-by-step tutorial below to wipe hard drive securely.

Tutorial to securely wipe HDD via disk wipe tool

When what you need to wipe data completely is HDD, you can take steps as follows:

Step 1: Run secure hard drive wipe freeware - AOMEI Partition Assistant. Right click the targeted disk and choose “Wipe Hard Drive”.

Secure Hard Drive Wipe Freeware HDD

Step 2: In the pop-up window, specify the number of times to wipe HDD.

Specify the Number of Times

PS: The process will increase if the number of times rises. Generally, one or two times are enough.

Step 3: In the main interface, click “Apply” to implement the operation.


Tutorial to securely wipe SSD via free hard drive eraser

If what you plan to wipe is SSD, in order to wipe SSD successfully, you need to make sure that the targeted SSD is not the boot disk and is connected to a working computer running Windows 7. Then, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Launch AOMEI Partition Assistant, right click the targeted SSD and choose “SSD Secure Erase”.

Secure Hard Drive Wipe Freeware SSD

Step 2: Then you will be informed that Secure Erasae cause loss of all the data on SSD. Click on “Next” button.

SSD Secure Erase Note

Step 3: Select the SSD that you intend to wipe securely among the listed disks.

Select SSD

Step 4: It is likely that the selected SSD is under forzen state. At this point, you can do hot swap to release this disk.

SSD Information

Make Hot Swap:

  • Open up computer case cover or black cover or hard shell.

  • Locate the selected SSD.

  • Disconnect the power cable and SATA cable in line.

  • Reconnect the SATA cable and power cable to the corresponding port in order.

Step 5 :After hot swap, SSD Secure Erase will continue. You can just wait the process finishes.

Securely Erase SSD


  • Secure Erase will not only wipe all data on SSD permanently but also restore SSD to its peak performance.

  • If necessary, you are allowed to clone SSD to larger one to transfer all data on the SSD to another disk.


It can be easily drawn that the secure hard drive wipe freeware – AOMEI Partition Assistant can easily wipe all the data on hard drive completely and securely. In fact, apart from securely wipe hard drive freely, this software enjoys other powerful functions such as merge partitions, which can help you manage disk conveniently and effortlessly.