Upgrade System Disk by Migrating OS(Operating System) to HDD

December 18, 2014

Migrate operating system to hard disk drive is a good way to upgrade your system disk, that is what I’ve talked about in this article. If you are planning to upgrade the computer’s disk, AOMEI Partition Assistant will easily complete the operation.

Over time, more and more complicated information are collected and saved into the computers and the system disk can never satisfy the needs and could be running out of space. In that case, you can do nothing but upgrading your system disk. There is no denying that migrate operating system to hard drive disk is the best way to upgrade your system disk.

When you get a new hard disk, maybe you would trap in another problem—large reinstallation procedure, which could spend you several days on tedious work. If you search on computer forum, you may find that this is a common problem that most people have encountered. If there is a way to help you migrate OS to HDD to upgrade system disk without reinstallation? The answer is yes. Third-party software could upgrade your system disk and optimize your computer’s performance by migrating OS to HDD without reinstallation.

As far as I have concerned, there are different types of operating system migration software, but only one freeware named AOMEI Partition Assistant can directly migrate the system to another disk. It is running well with Windows platforms and has a users-friendly main interface. If you decide to upgrade your system disk using AOMEI Partition Assistant, the first thing you need to do is download the software. Here are the screenshots for the interface of the software:

AOMEI Partition Assistant

Migrate OS to SSD

You may refer to AOMEI Tech official website to learn how to migrate OS to HDD/SSD.


1.To ensure target disk bootable, we suggest you shut down the computer and follow the steps in the note.
2. This operation needs rebooting to proceed.
3. This operation involves the system partition, therefore the operation need to finished under the Pre-OS mode.

With its help, you may do migrations like migrate OS to HDD or migrate OS to SSD safely and easily and without spending a penny so that you can upgrade system disk and optimize your computer’s performance. What’s more, it can be used to resize volumes and make conversions between NTFS and FAT32 or something else.