A Professional Disk Manager for Windows7

December 18, 2014

The third-party disk manager-AOMEI Partition Assistant, is the very fit to Windows 7 users to manage disk partitions perfectly.

Windows 7 is developed by Microsoft, which is a revolutionary change of the operating system. The system is to get people’s daily operation more easy and fast, providing people with high efficiency and easy work environment. Compared with Windows XP, for the advantages of Windows 7, we can see, three words could be the precise conclusion of Windows 7: fast, more artistic and humanity design. For most of us, at least, it’s more comfortable to use. No matter how splendid Windows 7 is, all its functions must realized with a hard disk. Therefore, proper management over disk by using third-party disk manager will be very important.

Among numerous kinds of disk manager, how can we select a suitable one? We should select a disk manager for Windows 7 consider the following aspects: data security, ease of use. Only the disk manager meeting the these requirements can be called good disk manager for Windows 7. The disk manager AOMEI Partition Assistant released by AOMEI Tech Co., Ltd. completely meets these requirements.

Partition Assistant Standard Edition is a free partition manager. It can be used to create new partitions or to delete or modify existing ones. It supports all the major partition formats, including FAT, FA32, and NTFS. It is compatible with Windows 7 64 & 32 bit and also compatible with Windows XP and Windows 8. It has some advanced features such as “Change and Remove drive letter”, “Hide and Unhide drive”, “Check partition” and so on.

What makes AOMEI Partition Assistant the preferred choice is its design. It was obviously crafted to be used by people who don’t know much about partitions and disks. The main window shows a little graph that represents your current partitions. This graphs shows in different colors between the primary partitions and the logic partition.

As for “Resize Partition”, we can visit “How to Extend Partition Under Windows 7 With the Help of Free Software?” In just a few easy steps, we can complete what Windows 7 build-in disk manager can’t do-extend partition forwards.

At last, AOMEI Partition Assistant is more than deserving of the professional disk manager for Windows7.