Create Windows 8 To Go USB Flash Drive in Windows 7

December 18, 2014

Windows To Go and Windows 7 had no correlation originally. But thanks to AOMEI Partition Assistant, you can create Windows 8 To Go on Windows 7. This article is about Windows To Go and how to create Windows To Go on Windows 7.

Windows To Go means create a clone of Windows 8 environment on a USB drive and then use it wherever you go. You can put the Windows To Go USB in Windows 7, Windows 8 or other Windows operating system, then boot into Windows 8 from the external USB drive on almost any modern PC.

To create a Windows To Go USB, it must only with Windows 8 Enterprise Edition at first. But now, things have changed. Why? Thanks to the development of software technology. Now we can create Windows To Go workspace without Windows 8 Enterprise Edition. We can even make a Windows To Go USB on Windows 7.

As above mentioned, many things have changed. Yes, if you do it officially, that means, create Windows To Go on Windows 8 Enterprise Edition, you must need Microsoft-certified USB drives, which list is very short, and must be at least 32GB, but also expensive at the same time. However, Things are different now. If you own a software named AOMEI Partition Assistant and a Windows 8 installation disc or ISO file, you can create Windows To Go even on Windows 7. About USB drive, at least 13Gb or larger is OK. USB 3.0 preferred, Some USB 2.0 drives will work but will be very slow.

So It is possible to use Windows 7 to create Windows 8 To Go USB drive now. Next I will show you how to do it with AOMEI Partition Assistant step by step.

AOMEI Partition Assistant makes Windows To Go & Windows 7 together because of its amazing function: Windows To Go Creator.

Before you do:

  • Please prepare a 13 GB or larger USB drive or an external USB hard drive.
  • Please prepare a Windows 8 DVD ISO or Windows 8 installation disc.
  • A Windows 7 PC to build the USB drive on.


  1. Connect your USB drive to your PC. Make sure that it is detected by your machine. (see picture 1, it is a SanDisk Cruzer 32GB)

  2. Download AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition from official website, install and run. Click Windows To Go Creator on the left Wizards panel. In the pop-up window, you can see the USB drive.
    Picture 1

  3. Now you need to select Windows 8 installation file because the program didn’t detect it automatically. Click the “Browse” button to select Windows 8 installation file(named install.wim or install.esd) which locates under \sources folder. Then click “OK” to go back.
    Select installation file

  4. Clicking “Proceed” will pop up a new window, it is about some important information you need to know: The data on this USB drive will be deleted and the partition on USB drive will be formatted as NTFS file system. And recommend you try AOMEI Backupper to backup them before commit.

  5. Then you click “Yes” Button the creating Windows To Go on Windows 7 will begin.

The End

To use Windows To Go USB created by AOMEI Partition Assistant on Windows 7. You should enter the BIOS setting and change the the firmware boot order to USB first before plug the Windows 8 To Go USB into your wanted computer.

There are other ways to create Windows To Go on Windows 7 from Google, such as using command line, but it is complex and will spend lots of time. So using the Windows To Go Creator - AOMEI Partition Assistant, build a Windows To Go USB on Windows 7 is the best and free way.