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Backup System Drivers Won’t Be Necessary

Install system drivers one by one is time consuming and sometimes with failure accompany. This traditional way of system installation is facing the challenge of one-key system restore programs. Aomei backupper is one of this program, it restores system without installing any drivers. The following are three methods of achieving this.      

System Backup

System backup will backup all the data on the source partition. Run aomei backupper, windows backup system drivers software, click Backup on the left, or click puls in the Home window. Then choose System Backup in the list, confirm the destination path. And then Start to Backup. That’s all you have to do before restore.

After thebackup system partition step, you can restore your system whenever you want. Besides, you can do incremental backup and differential backup in the home window if file are added or changed in system partition. OK, let’s proceed, click Restoreon the left, you’ll see the backed up data listed in the window, choose one toNext. In the whole progress, you don’t have to backup or find any system drivers to restore.

Interface of Backupper

Partition Clone

This one is more convenient than the previous one. ClickClone one the left, then Partition Clone, by the way, there are Disk Clone in the list, which means to make a duplicate of the whole disk including system partition, this is quick useful if you are about to change disk and keep data. Then choose the source partition, here we click on C: drive; Next to choose Destination Partition, here comes up a pop up window telling you to backup destination partition. Then Click Yes to proceed. Click here to see detailed steps with screenshots.

Migrate Operation System

This function is available on AOMEI Partition Assistant, also a freeware on disk management. You can download from here. run it on the desktop, in theWizards list on the left, click Migrate OS to SSD or HDD, which is about to help you migrate your current OS to solid state drive or traditional hard drive. If you are using these kinds of drive, click Next to continue. Then follow the wizard to finish this job.

Three methods we mentioned above, are all easy and convenient ways to restore system, all of which would not require system drivers installed one after another. Because all of the drives are backed up or cloned in the progress. Download and have a try.