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Create Backup And System Image Check

Create Hard Drive Backups and System Image

There are articles about how to backup Windows system or partition by AOMEI Backupper, a hard drive backup software. To summary, AOMEI provides two ways: Backup and Clone, both of which achieve the same goal. Following the guide to Apply. Or read more information on AOMEI tech website by tutorial with screen shots, you’ll soon become master of backup and restore program.

System Image Operation

In the Utilities, there are two operation you can do about system image: Explore Image and Check Image. Explore Image: first Mount the image to create a virtual drive, it is just like Daemon tool, then explore the contents of the image in "My Computer", of course you can copy files in this virtual drive and paste too. The next step is to Detach image, after mounting the image, the program will create a virtual drive in Windows Explorer. When all the operations finishes, it is advisable to detach the virtual drive.

AOMEI Backupper

Note: If you do not detach the virtual drives, they will automatically disappear when reboot the computer.

Check Image: Check the data integrity of the backup image to ensure you could successfully recover data. If the program finds errors during checking process, the image file might be damaged and cannot be used for recovery, so by checking image, you could find the errors in time and then find a remedy. Click Utilities on the left to select it, choose the source backup from the list, if you can find it in in. Or click Browse to load it. Next to select a point-in-time to start checking.

AOMEI Backupper is a small in size tool with three main functions build in: Backup, Restore and Clone. Almost meets basic needs on system backup and restore. And AOMEI is still working on its new version on backup software, with Schedule Backup and it’s new cloud storage manager on the way, AOMEI means to be stronger and more stable in this area.

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