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Manage 102 GB free cloud storage

Data is of great importance to our daily life, so people are getting more and more concern about it. Also Data in computer needs space to keep them, you already know local disk provide much space, cloud storage is another way to keep data. However, it’s not free or free with conditions, no to mentions space more than 100 GB

MultCloud, the new application from AOMEI, can manage at least 100GB free cloud storage space as one. 102 GB of space is not from us, but a combination of many providers. Now MultCloud supports as many as six types of free online backup programs: Box(5GB free), Dropbox (2GB free), Google (5GB free), SkyDrive (25GB free for longtime user; while 7GB for new ones), SugerSync ( 60GB free for 30 Days), Amazon (5GB free). What MultCloud doing is to add their free space as one to manage

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How Much Does 100 GB Storage Cost

The above mentioned companies provide free space for limited time or capacity, but they do provide chargeable extra space, each one with different pricing. Google Cloud Storage: $4.99 ((per GB per month), that’s $59.88 a year; Amazon Cloud Drive $50 per year for 100 GB; Box $1.67/user/month, only 50 GB at most, that’s $20.04 a year; Dropbox, $99 per year; SkyDrive, $4.17 per month, that’s $50.04 per year; SugarSync, on the other hand, $14.99 per month, means $179.88 per year. You can see from this table:

Box$20.04 for 50GB

Now with the help of this application, you can manage more than 100 GB free, besides, this application is also free. It’s easy to use but with highly secure. Check to see how to start.