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Prospects for backup software

General Description

Now most of us know the importance of backup, because it’s getting really widely concern according to search result in google. With tech rapid growth, there more you can do on backup.

we type more information in google rather than single words. For example, type “real time backup software” rather than “backup software”. With more information we typed, the more functional tools we find. Because we are becoming professional than before and ever, we know how to get protection and make full use of our data and the application we used. To be more specific, folder backup freeware saves more time than partition backup software and even more time than disk backup program.

Interface of Backupper

About to Do

AOMEI Backupper can do incremental and differential backup in a manual way, and schedule backup together with file-level backup in on the way, that is say, you can even do folder backup when it releases new version.

You might face the situation that power down when editing in Microsoft Office, although files can recover when you rerun office, it’s not the newest one but 10 minutes ago. Microsoft default setting is 10 Minutes, if you have not reset it before, you can find the latest version. The only solution here is an additional real time backup or live backup which continuously saves the working files in the background and keeps several older versions of each file for restoration.

VSS, a backup technique provided by Microsoft. It allows the program to backup data without interrupting applications work. Our product supports this at the very beginning.

In the previous tutorial, we shared the Windows Easy Transfer tool in Microsoft. You can also download freeware to make the whole progress quicker and easier with secure.