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Restore System State

What Is System Restore?

System restore  helps you restore system to earlier date state to against some unexpected accidents that happened.

Sometimes  installing programs may cause unexpected changes to your system that affects  its performance. And you are not sure what exactly is wrong. In order to avoid  further accidents, you may better restore system to the original state than  trying to fix the problem with more operations. The system restore will only retrieve  the system-related files and data.

How to Do System Backup?

For you  to restore system, you need to backup it to get an image first. Third party  backup software may be your reliable assistant in system backup. AOMEI Backupper is an outstanding one of them with back/restore functions.

Backup  and restore functions are easy-to-use in AOMEI Backupper.

First,  we need to choose “system backup” function in the backup interface. Second, choose  the location as the destination path to save image. Third, you may do some the  backup setting in backup options before backup. Such as the compression level  or set the password. Also, it supports incremental or differential backups to take less  time and save storage space.

Finally, the backup will start  and you will get the image of your system.

Now let’s head to the system restore part. It’s quite easy for the  operation, we just need to choose the system partition from the image and click  “start restore”. The system will be restored to its original state later. All  its files and data will be retrieved in the perfect functioning way.



AOMEI Backupper is a powerful assistant for Microsoft system restore/back with nice interface. Forrestoring system, XP/Vista/7/8 are all supported perfectly.