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Schedule Tasks to Run Backupper

Run Task Schedule

AOMEI Backupper have incremental backup and differential backup for backed up files. You can set Windows 2008 server scheduled tasks, or other windows systems, to run AOMEI Backupper. Detailed steps are as follow:      

Type “task schedule” in the start menu, you can see it listed on the top. Run it to Create Basic Task, define the Name and Description, then Next to set the Trigger, by Daily, Weekly or When the computer starts, by the way, there are many options for you to consider. And then click Next to proceed. In the Next Windows to click Action:Start a program; Send an e-mail; Display a message. Here we choose Start a program, then Next to Browse AOMEI Backupper in partition. Then Click finish.

Don’t forget to chick incremental backup or different backup in the main interface. Meanwhile, AOMEI will add Schedule Backupin the new version, let’s look forwards to that. By then, it will automatic backup hard drive when your scheduled time arrived. For now, we can use Backup and Restore toolin Windows, when certain situation happens it will automatic setup restore points to ensure different versions of files or data stored in your computer.

AOMEI Backupper

Cloud Storage to Backup

There are more functions you can find within AOMEI Backupper, backup, restore, and clone are listed functions on the left. More functions are setted in the Utilities menu. In addition to software backup program, there are also cloud storage method for you to choose.

With new trends developing in tech industry, cloud storage is becoming more and more accepted and many providers give free space to spread their ideas and services. Therefore, we can still backup our files online to save local capacity. Besides, AOMEI is about to release Cloud Management program, which means to manage clouds providers’ products as one.

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