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System Restore Location and Space Management

System Restore Location

Many user now the tool of backup and restore, and they want to know more about it: where is the restore point locates. To find the location before another system restore on win 7 or XP, they mean to manage the space it occupied: delete it or change it. In face, restore points are always created on the drive that it is monitoring. There’s settings on the amount of space, you can adjust it. When new ones created, the oldest one are covered or deleted to maintain the percentage of restore. If the restore goes wrong, you can read another article by mine: system restore will not work

Delete a restore point

You cannot delete an individual restore point, but you can either delete all restore points or delete all but the most recent restore point. Deleting restore points temporarily frees up disk space. As new restore points are created, disk space will be used again.

Delete all restore points Steps: Start-right click Computer-Properties; System protection-Protection Settings-Configure; Disk Space Usage-Delete Delete all but the most recent restore point steps: type Disk Cleanup in start menu-Disk Cleanup-select target drive-Clean up system files-More Options-Clean up under System Restore and Shadow Copies-Delete-Delete Files.

However, someone don’t meant to delete it for temporary but for good. All they want it more free space on target disk. So why don’t you use third party software to achieve those goals. AOMEI Partition Assistant can easily manage you disk space without data loss. Or AOMEI Backupper, a system restore software, can backup your data to another partition or place with ease and secure.

Interface of Backupper

Note: System Restore might use between 3% and 5% of the space on each disk. System Restore doesn't run on disks smaller than 1 GB nor free space less than 300 MB