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What is system restore and how to restore system

The Definition of System Restore

System Restore helps you restore computer's system files to an earlier point in time. Microsoft defines System Restore as a turn back of system when facing a bad crash, which means to recover system by this tool after some changes you made to the system. System Restore is available from Windows XP to Windows 7, no t available in any Windows Server operating systems

There are detailed steps on how to restore system in Windows 7 in Microsoft page, you can use Backup and Restore tool or directly type System Restore in Start Menu. If one point of system restore doesn’t solve the problem, another point is available. You can undo it and choose another to run. This page is going to discuss how to use our product in system restore.

Restore system Step-by-Step tutorial

You can read this article: how to do System Restore to know detailed steps. Frankly speaking, system restore is one of Backupper’s function, which go with Disk restore, Partition or Volume Restore at the same time, and the Clone function can run each option based on your needs.

Interface of Backupper

The difference between restore and recover should mention before you do restore. In Windows System Restore means to affect Windows system files, programs, and registry settings, but not personal files, like e-mail, documents, or photos. Therefore, to restore system is not to recover files you deleted.

However, AOMEI Backupper (AB) will combine restore and recover as one function in next version; you can both restore system files and personal files by few clicks. Therefore, before restore, a backup operation is required.

First run AB on desktop, click plus bottom in the Home page, which is about to create a backup before restore. Follow the guide to complete the backup progress, then click Restore on left, again, follow the instructions to finish restore. It’s really easy to operate.