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When Backing Up Online

Files are important to us, they includes mostly of personal information on it, of course ,sometimes work files are also part of our information. If anything happens to those sensitive information, that will be a great lost on both memories and money we spend. To prevent those things happen, things should be kept in mind when doing backup online.

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Considering the Necessity

Although there arefree online backup providers, they are either small free capacity nor only limited time for free. Eventually, you’ll pay for you cloud storage, mostly $5 per month. And external hard drive are charge different on virous capacity. Only backup files you can’t afford to lose to keep your costs at a reasonable level. Another way to gain main more free space it to use cloud manager program, which means to manage all your free accounts on different company, for example, MultCloud is the one with cloud management built in.

Keep Important Files With Copies

Keep Important Files With Copies

Having only one backup without the original ones is not the right choice on saving data, you never know what will happen to the backed up one. On cloud storages, companies who provide this services may fall down or even crush. On local disk, system may fail or disks can be stolen. On external drives, it may lost or damaged. Therefore, make backup on all the channels you can think of: Local (offline), External hard drive, Online Backup.

Secure Data Programs

As for the sensitive files like a scan of ID or passport, personal email histories, precious photos. Choose one provider with encryption and password service, and better with forget password steps. Follow the steps and guides on the cloud you are using to make sure right operation, which will ensure our data protected in the right way.

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