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Windows Server Backup Plans

There are many plans for you to do backup when you need data easy to be found or just want them keep in secure for memories. You can do applications backup and restore, or cloud storage. This article is going to share three ways of backup Windows Server System.

Backup and Restore Tool

This is a tool from Microsoft, many situations would active the automatic backup, but you can do manul backup. Type “backup and restore” in the start menu, click it and in the main window, you can see two options on the left: Create a system image and Create a system repair disc. On the right screen you can see Backup and Restore options, In Backup area, Click Manage space to browse backup location. Then Back up now to start. Besides, you can turn on Schedule to do automatic backup.

AOMEI Backupper

Third party program on backup is also an alternative, AOMEI is the with basic functions and useful utilities. Functions including: Backup, Restore, Clone; Utilities are Check Image; Create Bootable Media; Explore Image. For today’s job, there are two functions you may got to know.

First run AB, you may find the interface is really friendly, all the functions are listed on the left, each with some sub-options in it. You can see what this software can do, the guide of all the steps are easy to follow and with data secure. Now Backup - Partition Backup - Select Destination Path - Start. The second is Clone, Partition Clone and Disk Clone, operations alike Backup, you can also use this function to backup files and storage

Back Up Storage - AOMEI Backupper


Besides the ways we mentioned above, online backup, also known as cloud storage, is also another method to keep data secure. There are many free providers online, some provide limited space for trial or just for a period of time. But with MultCloud, cloud storage manager, you can add their free space together as to share files between different clouds. Check here to see how to use.

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