How to Convert to Dynamic Disk?

July 12, 2018

Convert basic disk to dynamic disk is an easy task, which can be realized with AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager without any limitations.

Dynamic disks started to introduce from Windows 2000 onwards, it can offer a greater flexibility for Windows Servers and optimize disk I/O performance through the way to create dynamic volumes or provide mirrored volume or RAID5 which possess fault-tolerant ability.

How to convert basic disk to dynamic disk for the superiorities? The next we will introduce the easiest method to convert to dynamic disk by using AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager.

We suggest you download AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager first to follow the steps.

Step1: Launch AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager, the main window displays the disk info:

Step2: Select the basic disk and right click, choose “Convert to Dynamic Disk”:

Step3: Then, in the new pop-up window, tick the basic disk you want to convert and then click “OK:

Step4: Before applying the changes, you can choose “View Pending Operations” firstly and then click “Commit”.

After rebooting, the basic disk has been changed into dynamic disk successfully.