Diskpart Helps to Delete Partition Easily and Efficiently

July 25, 2017

A Windows snap-in disk manager, Diskpart Command can assist users to delete partition easily and sufficiently.

As known to many Windows users, with the development of computer technology and the update of many application programs, there are more and more disk troubles occurring to the users everyday. The task of "delete partition" is also a hot topic in many blogs and forums. Therefore, questions like "how to delete partition easily and efficiently with powerful disk managers?" can be seen frequently. Here, the way of deleting drive with Diskpart Command will be introduced to all the users.

Why do we need to delete partition?

The most common situation is that, when a computer that has been installed dual system faces the problem of "low disk space", the owner may want to delete one of them to relieve the degree of the problem.

Delete partition can help to reset the partition label, file system; also, it can help to clear data at a very fast speed.

How to delete partition with Diskpart Command?

The Windows snap-in Diskpart Command can delete partition for all of the Windows OS editions. As a result, it is very popular in resolving some common disk problems. However, as for the task of "delete partition with Diskpart", there are several limitations.

  • The system drive can not be deleted.
  • The drive that includes the "pagefile.sys" folder, which means the virtual memory, can not be deleted.

In this case, there are countermeasures as well. If the computer had been installed dual system, you can delete one of the OS by booting another OS. That is to say, just the running OS can not be deleted.

As for the second limitation, you can remove the "pagefile.sys" folder through the following steps. "My Computer"-> "Properties"-> "Advanced system settings"-> "settings"-> "Advanced"-> click "Change" under "Virtual Memory". Then, the virtual memory can be move to another drive; also the size can be reset to optimize the computer performance as well.

Other Multifunctional Disk tools to Deal with Disk Troubles

As an excellent partition software, AOMEI Partition Assistant contains many advanced and useful functions in dealing with tiresome partition issues. It has many out-standing features, such as, resize, merge, split, clone, allocate free space, etc. Moreover, with the clear demonstrations, the operations are very easy to complete. Therefore, any disk problem can be perfectly resolved. If you do not believe, just download the software and have a try.

The image below is its main interface.

AOMEI Professional Edition

Download Link: /download.html