How To Use Partition Copy Wizard, Wizards of Partition Assistant - AOMEI

July 11, 2016

How to use partition copy wizard? The AOMEI Partition Assistant partition copy wizard is easy to use, you can copy partition only by a few simple clicks.

To copy partition can protect data

We create partitions on the hard drive to store the different data. Maybe the data on the partition is very important to you, and you are worrying about data losing. You may want to know if there is any way that can keep the data safe. Definitely, yes, copy partition will duplicate all data on the partition.   

How to copy partition?

The most effective way to copy partition is to find a partition copy wizard, and the partition copy wizard of AOMEI Partition Assistant is suitable for you because it is powerful and easy to use.

Run Partition Assistant, in the main window, you can find the disk and partition list. Choose Partition Copy Wizard on the left column, or you can right click on partition to do the same job; and of course, you can choose it from menu on the top.

Note: before you start, make sure you got unallocated space in you partition list.

Windows 7 Hard Disk Partition Software

In the pop-up window, you can see two options: Copy Partition Quickly; Sector-by-Sector Copy. One is copy used space and is highly recommended, the other is copy the entire partition both for the used space and free space, which turns out to be more time consuming but completely.

Here we are going to choose the first one, Copy Partition Quickly. Then next, in this window, all the partitions are listed below, choose one as the source partition to begin, the next to select Destination space, you are asked to select an unallocated space as destination. Choose it and next, then the source partition was fitted into the unallocated space, and a new drive letter is created, of course, you can change it. You can specify the capacity here or you can just make the whole unallocated space as a new partition with copied data in it.

The unallocated space we mentioned above, if you don’t see any of it in your partition list, the Next bottom is grayed out. Don’t worry, you can make it from other partitions. Choose one qualified partition, and then choose Resize/Move Partition on the left column. Then slide the little bar to make one. Apply the operations at last.