Partition Windows 8 Hard Drive Chapter 2: Create and Split Partitions - AOMEI

June 15, 2016

This is the chapter 2 on partitioning Windows 8 hard drive, due to the various way of creating or split partition in Windows 8. In this article, you can see how to create partition by different methods and how to cooperation with other functions when creating.

In the previous page "Partition Windows 8 Hard Drive Chapter 1", we guided on how to resize partition and merge partition in Windows 8, now let’s continue to do the create partition and split partitions job in Windows 8 free with AOMEI Partition Assistant. Although it’s two functions listed in the Partition Operations, they do have some similarity in program. When creating partition, there are many ways to complete it. So we write this article alone to explain it in details. Let’s proceed on hard drive partitioning functions.

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Before we do the operation, we should know there are mainly two thoughts: 1. Create it from an unallocated space. 2. Create it with free space from other partitions. The functions we listed are not isolated, but coexisted.

If there is plenty unallocated space on your hard drive, right-click it, select Create Partition in the drop-down menu, and follow the guide step by step, you will create a partition easily. If there  is  no unallocated space on the disk, don't worry, Resize Partition can help you get it. 

Choose a partition which has much more free space, right-click it, select Resize Partition at the drop-down menu, and you can define the volume of those two partitions, then, you will get an available unallocated space, right-click and select Create Partition. In the windows pop-up, you can slide the bar to define capacity of new partition, advanced setting to choose between Logical Partition and Primary Partition. Then OK to proceed, Apply at last.


● MBR (master boot record) disk only supports 4 primary partition, if you need more partitions to manage your data, you can create Logical partition to get more extended partition.

● GPT (GUID partition table) enables you have more primary partition.

Split Partition is a function that can separate a primary partition with the same file system as the original one. It is a quickly way to create partition in a certain way. You can click a partition, press Enter to create partition from the original partition by Splitting it. Or you can select a partition, right-click it, select "Split Partition" at the menu to separate a new partition from it. You can drag the bar to resize the capacity for those two partitions.

AOMEI Partition Assistant is a powerful partition manager so that it deserves the honor of the best software to partition Windows 8 hard drive, and it is also suitable for Windows XP/Vista/7/10. of course, there are more functions on the new version.