Windows Disk Partition Utility for Managing Disk - AOMEI

June 17, 2016

As windows disk partition utility, AOMEI Partition Assistant is becoming the professional one in disk partition area, which can replace Windows Disk Management.

Windows Disk Partition utility

To begin with, hope you can understand it’s not about Mac, but Windows disk partition utility, like Disk Management program. To confirm data security, AOMEI Partition Assistant is the utility running on Windows. Let’s get to know this disk partition software.

Disk Partition Utility- Partition Assistant

As a Windows user, you must know that you can create a partition with Windows Disk Management tool. Just open Disk Management by clicking My Computer-> Management. Then, you can manage your hard drive with it. You can use it to format hard drive, resize partition, delete partition, and so on. However, it has many restrictions. For example, the Extend Volume should be grayed out if there is no unallocated space nearly behind the partition you want to extend. But it is no problem with AOMEI Partition Assistant, the powerful partition manager which can manage your hard drive more flexible and much easier. you can use it to resize partition as the capacity you want: you can use unallocated space to extend partition without caring where it is, or you can extend partition with free space from other partition directly, and you can use it to create partition, format partition, delete partition, move partition, merge partitions, and so on. You can do everything in a simple few steps. Take an example of creating partition with the Windows disk partition utility AOMEI Partition Assistant.

Create partition with AOMEI Partition Assistant

Run AOMEI Partition Assistant, you’ll see the partition information listed in the main window. Just like the command "list volume" in "cmd". In the list you can see categories like file system, capacity, used space, free space, flag, and status. Unlike list volume in cmd, you can see used space and free space listed for better management.

Let’s proceed, after seeing the detailed information of each disk, choose one partition with enough free space. ThenResize/Move Partition on the left, in the hint window, you can see there are two little circle on both sides. Slide one the confirm the size. FYI, the position bar is help when extending partition and merge partition. Note the exclamation mark below: “We suggest you backup your important data before moving or resizing the partition.” Then click OK to proceed. Now you can see an unallocated space listed in the main interface.

Click on the unallocated space, Create Partition, again you can see the little bar on both side, click OK to create. In the “Flag” column, the new one was set as Logical Partition. Then in the pending operation listed what you have done in this software. Click Apply at last.

In the whole progress, we have click on few function like resize and move partition, create partition, also we know the pending operations. As an easy to use windows disk management software and a professional one, there are more features of partition assistant awaits you to discover.