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May 12, 2016

Hard drive partition wipe make data disappear, and cannot be recovered by any software.

Before wipe partition or hard drive, there are things you should know. Wipe is make files disappear, and cannot be recovered by any software. So, use this feature with caution. In order to prevent any disaster happen to you computer in wiping data progress, to do a backup is really necessary. You can make data into an external hard drive or any cloud storages. If you are about to find software on backup, AOMEI Backupper provides you multiple options like: Disk Backup; Partition Backup; and System Backup.

When you simply delete files by right click or use keyboard shortcut, it’s not really deleted until new data overwritten the area where you once carried out delete operation. Files still can be found in Recycle Bin and can be recovered. Maybe you are using Shift+Delete to do this when you don’t want data recovery, but it’s not really permanent deletion what system pop-up window saying “Are you sure you want to permanently remove this file”. There are data recovery software online, which can recover deleted data days or weeks later after deletion.

Only "wipe" can completely get fid of the items you do not want anymore or you want hide from others. For example, when you plan to sold old computer or just hard disks to others, you may worried about the explosure of your personal data. For non-frofessinoals, they just delete personal information and think it is safe at all. However, it is not for sure. To professionals or someone who just know some tricks about data recovery, they can recover sellers' data back without any difficult. Thus, you should know that to completely keep your data from others, you can rely to "wipe" function.

To wipe data partition or system partition, you need a third party application for Microsoft Windows doesn't have such function, for example, AOMEI Partition Assistant. It is not just a disk manager with simple extend or split functions, but also you can use it to do wipe hard drive or partition jobs with stability and efficience. What more, you can do wipe operation to an unallocated space. Meanwhile, AOMEI Partition Assistant provides at most 100 times to rewrite partition to reduce the possibilities of recovery.

Step1. First run Partition Assistant on desktop, choose the partition or disk you want to wipe, here you can do wipe operation by two ways: Click "Wipe Partition" or "Wipe hard drive" on the left “Disk Operations” list; or you can right click to choose.

Wipe Partition

Wipe Hard Drive

For an unallocated space, click it and select "Wipe Data" or right click to choose Advanced and "Wipe Data".

Wipe Data

Step2. Then, a window will pop up comfirming the hard drive partition wipe operation and asking for wipe times. In default, one time is secleted and one time is enough to delete data completely for wiping.

Wipe partition: Delete the partition and erase all the data on the partition.

Wipe Partition Confirm

Wipe hard drive: Delete all the partitions and erase all the data on the secleted hard drive by over-writting.

Wipe Hard Drive Confirm

Wipe unallocated space:Wiping the secleted unallocated space by over-writting it in several passes.

Wipe Data Confirm

Step3. Click "OK" to continue. If the hard drive you are going to wipe contains system partition, it will warn you as "This disk contains a system partition. If this system partition is deleted, your computer won't start the next time! Are you sure you want to delete all partitions on this disk?"

Wipe System Disk Warn

If you accidently chose system hard drive, just click "NO" to cancel this operation and go back to find the right disk and do hard drive partition wipe again; if you do need to wipe system partition, just click "Yes". Finally, no matter which item you wipe, partition, hard disk or unallocated space, you can preview the result and see pending operations in lower left. To carry out wiping, just click "Apply" on upper left.

Tip: System partition are not allowed to be wiped in AOMEI Partition Assistant. You can't find "Wipe Partition" option on the left and it will greyed out of selection when right click system partiton.

Detail steps on how to wipe data with screen shots

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