Upgrade to Larger Disk with AOMEI Software

April 28, 2017

Low disk space is the most common problem for computer users. In this case, will you remove or delete some programs? Anyway, here is an easy way—upgrade to larger disk with AOMEI software.

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    I'm a Window 7 user, and recently, my disk always shows an image of "Low Disk Space". That really makes me annoyed, and there is no way to deal with it. Generally speaking, I will ask the Disk Management for help, but this time, it can not work. What should I do? Fortunately, I have found the way out. Let me share with you.

Ways to solve problem of low disk space

    There are three solutions provided. You can choose the way you like.

  • Remove Programs: In order to expand the space, it is necessary to remove or delete some programs to make room for the disk.
  • Extend Volumes: If there are free space in other volumes, the first thing come to mind is to shrink them for smaller volumes.
  • Upgrade to Larger Hard Drive: It is the easiest way for extending, because you don't need to remove or delete applications and all the data will be protected. Just a larger disk can end the problem.

    These solutions above can solve the low space problem. Based on your own choice, you can choose the specific one. Actually, in my opinion, I suggest the last way, because it is easy. In other word, it means to replace the original disk with a bigger one without losing data.

Upgrade to larger disk with AOMEI software

    As it mentioned above, to upgrade to larger hard disk, AOMEI Partition Assistant may seem to be a good solution, and the version of free disk copy software can deal with it perfectly. Please follow on:

Step1: Launch Free download Partition Assistant Standard Edition and start it. Right click the source disk to choose "Disk Copy", or directly choose the "Disk Copy Wizard" in the wizard column.

Step2: In the pop-uIn next window, choose one of copy methods to go on.

Two Copy Methods

Step3: Please follow on the guideline to choose the source disk and target disk.

Step4: The following window will show up only if choose the method "Copy Disk Quickly". It means resize partition is available.

Edit Disk

Step5: After finishing all the prompts, please click "Apply" to execute the upgrade hard disk.

This free partition manager supports Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP/2000, both 32bit and 64bit. It will provide much convenience for home and commercial users. However, if you are business worker, here are different choices. To know more, please see the edition comparison!

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