Fix Dynamic Disk Missing/Offline in Windows 10/8.1/8/7 [Case Study]

September 14, 2018

Wonder why dynamic disk missing and how to solve it? In this article, you can learn how to troubleshoot the missing or offline dynamic disk with efficiency. Keep reading.

Case study: dynamic disk missing or offline

Case 1: I recently installed a 3TB SanDisk disk last week to my Windows 7. After finishing the installation, the hard drive showing wrong capacity, so I converted it to GPT and was able to see the full size. However, it is divided into two partitions, one with 2TB and one with 0.7TB. Since I want to merge them into one partition, I changed the disk into a dynamic disk from basic. Everything goes fine until last night a sudden power failure occurs while I was using my computer. When the computer booted again, the CHKDSK launched automatically, but when I got to windows, my hard drive was not visible. In disk management, the 0.7tb disk volume appeared as missing.

Dynamic Disk Missing

Case 2: I removed a dynamic disk from my old PC, and connected it up to my new PC as the 2nd disk. The new PC started up and the new hardware icon appeared briefly in the systray. It was working flawlessly before the switch. But now I get the image below in device manager. Any ideas of what I can do to deal with this issue?


How to fix the missing dynamic disk easily?

After scanning over the dynamic disk missing issue, you might be curious about why it happens.

Generally speaking, the common reasons are because the dynamic disk is corrupted, powered down or disconnected well, or when you attempt to import a foreign dynamic disk but fail. Then its status will become Offline, or its name will change to Missing. In such case, you cannot see, not to mention access the dynamic disk in File Explorer.

In order to get your dynamic disk to Online or healthy status, you can follow the instruction below:

Step 1: Right click This PC/My computer->Manage->Storage->Disk Management to enter into device manager. And right click the missing/offline dynamic disk and click Online.

Dynamic Disk Offline

Step 2: If the disk appears in Disk Management as Online, and has a primary partition shown as Healthy like the picture below, that means the disk has been take an online/healthy status.

Dynamic Disk Online

Finally, you should run Chkdsk.exe to make sure that the underlying file system structure is in a good condition.

To run Chkdsk, first of all, press the Win + R keys on your keyboard. Then, type cmd and right click the Command Prompt icon to select Run as administrator, then in the popped-out command prompt window, enter the command: chkdsk x: /f (where x is the drive letter of the volume you want to check and /f option is used to tell CHKDSK to fix any errors it detects).

Till now, you will be able to get rid of dynamic disk missing problem.

Easily manage your Dynamic Disk via a professional disk manager

If you want to manage your dynamic disk and volumes more easily, you might need AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager. It is complete, easy-to-use, and powerful dynamic disks and dynamic volumes management software for Windows systems.

This disk manager supports shrinking volumes, deleting volumes, adding drive to RAID, removing drive from RAID. etc.

Dynamic Volume

  • More amazing functions you may want to know

  1. Resize Volume” could help you to free up some unallocated space, or extend/enlarge one certain volume to fix low disk space problem, especially for the system volume.

  2. Format Volume” allows you to change File System or Cluster Size, or Volume Label easily, quickly and safely.

  3. Move Volume Slice Wizard” makes it possible to migrate volume slice from one disk to another, which is quite useful when you want to extend the system volume but no contiguous unallocated space available, or other volumes without free space to be shrunk.

Besides, when you want to convert disk from dynamic to basic but don’t want to delete all volumes on the disk, which is a necessary process if you perform the conversion in Disk Management and causes data loss, you can also use AOMEI Dynamic Disk Manager since it supports convert dynamic disk to basic without losing data.

Convert To Basic