How to Resize Dynamic Volume Easily and Safely?

June 20, 2017

How to resize dynamic volumes without data loss? AOMEI Dynamic Disk Management allows you to extend and shrink dynamic volumes in Windows 10/8/7 safely.

Are you an administrator of dynamic disk? Are you tired of your dynamic volume's capacity? If your answer is Yes", I'll show you how to resize dynamic volume. Before it starts, let me introduce you some related information.

About dynamic volume

Dynamic volume includes simple, spanned, striped (RAID 0), mirror (RAID 1) and RAID 5. Each kind of volume has its own features. No matter which kind of volume you use, it is inevitable to resize volumes, because you have too much files and data to store. When you feel the volume's capacity is not enough, the first thought comes to your mind is to extend or resize, but what should you do?

Partition Assistant to resize dynamic volume

Generally speaking, Partition Assistant, a fully functional disk partition software is used to manage our basic disk. How about dynamic disk? If you have one or more dynamic disks, it is very important to manage them with dynamic disk. Fortunately, AOMEI Technology has snapped the Dynamic Disk Manager into Partition Assistant, so, it is a win-win program. However, it only shows up when there are dynamic disks.

Step by step to resize dynamic disk volume

Step 1: Download AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro Edition and launch it. When there is a dynamic disk, the following picture will show up, and then please do it as the arrow.

Main Interface

Step 2: Right click the volume and choose Resize/Move Volume". Drag the doubled arrow to the left and click OK" to continue. It also supports to move partition during the process.

Resize Volume

Step 3: Do not forget to click Commit" to make the operation take effect.

Tips: To thanks for all the users, you just need to pay for the Partition Assistant Pro Edition, and then it is workable to use the Dynamic Disk Manager. It saves much money for you. All these operations in each application will safely and easily fulfill the task. 

If you ever want to convert dynamic to basic disk. This tool allows you to convert dyanmic to basic without data loss.

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