Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic without Deleting the Existing Volumes in Server 2003?

Windows Server 2003 maintains two types of physical disk configurations, Basic disk and Dynamic disk. A disk initialized for basic storage is called a basic disk. A basic disk contains basic volumes, such as primary/extended/logical drives. A disk initialized for dynamic storage is called a dynamic disk that contains dynamic volumes, such as simple, spanned, striped, mirrored and RAID-5 volumes. With dynamic storage, you can perform disk and volume management without the need to restart Windows. Dynamic storage is supported in Windows XP Professional, Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003.

You can find many people ask about how to convert dynamic disk to basic in tech forums for various causes, such as covert the original disk to dynamic accidently, etc. Windows 2003 built-in Disk Management utility allows users to convert basic disk to dynamic easily, but the process of converting back to basic is not that simple. You have to delete all the volumes on the dynamic disk and then covert the empty disk to basic.

You may wonder that is there any other methods to convert dynamic disk to basic with all data protected. Well, fortunately, AOMEI Partition Assistant can convert dynamic disk to basic without deleting easily.

Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic in Server 2003

Partition Assistant internal dynamic disk manager is specially designed to manage dynamic disk and volumes. With this utility, you can covert your disk back to its original type without much effort.


From the screenshot above, you can see that the operation is not as complicated as imagine. After launching the internal dynamic disk manager, you just need to right click the disk that you want to work with and then select "Convert to Basic Disk" option.

AOMEI Partition Assistant is also a good manager for manageing basic and dynamic disk. It has so many other features and it is worth to use for managing disk partition.