Why Dynamic Disk Invalid and How to Solve it?

June 30, 2016

Why dynamic disk invalid in Windows operating system? How do you solve this problem? This article will tell you why dynamic disk invalid and how to solve it with AOMEI Partition Assistant.

Dynamic disk started to introduce from Windows 2000, which operating its volumes in LDM database now is widely used in many fields, for both servers and personal computers. Usually, most common personal user will not touch it, because many people may not still understand the concept of dynamic disk. As a result of fact, compared to basic drive, it can optimize disk I/O performance by creating striped volume or providing fault-tolerant ability with mirrored volume or RAID5. However, basic disk does not integrate these useful features and you can only set up primary/extended/logical partition to make use of basic disk.

Why dynamic disk invalid?

Dynamic Disk is provided by Windows OS such as Windows Professional, Business, Ultimate, Server Edition, etc, except for Windows Standard Edition. As a fashion or a tread, PC users would like to upgrade their OS to the newer release by Microsoft, pursuing Windows 7/ Vista from Windows XP or 2000. However, when you finish upgrading, you may find the status of Dynamic Disk Invalid in Disk Management console.

This is the main reason that why dynamic disk invalid on some operating systems. Also there are many other subordinate elements will cause that problem: virus attack, Power abrupt off, hardware environment change or usage of second-hand hard disk.

Solutions to the problem

No matter what reason it is, you can use dynamic disk manager to convert dynamic disk to basic disk. To revert to basic disk, there are two methods.

One way, Windows built-in disk management tool can convert an empty dynamic disk to basic. All volume or partition on the disk should be deleted to let disk become empty.

Another way is to change to basic drive with third party tool, like AOMEI Partition Assistant. This tool is not only a partition software, but also a dynamic disk manager which can convert dynamic disk to basic without deleting volumes. After using this converter, you will found it really can quickly repair an invalid dynamic to basic disk on the basis of ensuring data security. Besides, it has an easy-to-use interface that you can operate it alone easily.

Dynamic Disk Converter

You can choose one of the two solutions according to your own condition. If you think the third-party partition tool is fit for you, you can click here to know more about it.