Resize Partitions – Increase Partition or Decrease Partition

  • Resize existing partitions easily and safely
  • “Drag” and “Click” mouse then partition will be resized
  • Quickly resize partition without any data losing

Quickly Resize Partition without any Data Losing

For practical purposes, illogical disk partition may cause some problems, such as: “low disk space”, “poor disk space utilization”, and etc. To solve these problems, resize partition is the best choice. To first shrink some unallocated space form larger partition with much free space, then extend the “low disk space” partition with the unallocated space. These are easy and fast operations for AOMEI Partition Assistant. AOMEI Partition Assistant offers you to quickly resize partition without any data losing.


  • Accurately increase partition size or decrease partition size.
  • Resize partition without data loss.
  • Support move partition during resizing partition.
  • Support file system include: FAT32 and NTFS.
  • Support partition alignment automatically for SSD if you need.
Resize partition with AOMEI Partition Assistant free version



This function can help you quickly resize partition without any data losing, just get it to have a try!