Reliable Software to Format Hard Drive to FAT32

July 26, 2017

Learn to format hard drive back to FAT32easily and safely with reliable tools, Windows built-in Disk Management or AOMEI Partition Assistant.

Comparison between FAT32 and NTFS

  • FAT32
    1. This file system can work with a variety of equipments and OS.
    2. Equipments: Hard Drive, DVD player; Game Console, like PS3, Xbox 360, etc.
    3. Operating system: even including Windows 98, Linux, Mac, Android, Windows Phone, etc.


    1. It only supports the single file of 4GB at most.
    2. It just supports partition smaller than 2TB.
  • NTFS
    1. Compared to the file system of FAT32, there is no limitation about the size of single file, and it can support partition size up to 256TB.
    2. It supports encryption and compression on documents.
    3. The Microsoft set it as default file system.

Why do we Need Formatting software?

  • If we buy a new hard drive, we must format it before partition.
  • Formatting can clear the data quickly.
  • The only way to convert NTFS to FAT32 with Disk Management is formatting.
  • If the hard drive suffers a serious virus, formatting the hard drive is the best choice to eliminate the virus.

Software to Format Hard Drive to FAT32

Windows built-in Disk Management

    As we all know, the Windows built-in Disk Management possesses the function of formatting partition. However, there is a limitation, that is, if the partition is larger than 32GB, it can not be formatted back to FAT32 with Disk Management utility. In this case, is there software to format hard drive to FAT32?

Best Software to Format Hard Drive

    As a magic formatting assistant, AOMEI Partition Assistant can help to format the hard drive of NTFS back to FAT32 up to 2048GB. During the formatting process, the partition label, file system and cluster size all can be reset. With the clear and easy prompt, the task of "format hard drive to FAT32" can be easily accomplished. For more detailed tutorial, please refer the article about how to format hard drive.
The picture below is the screenshot of its main interface.

Main Interface of AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition

    Apart from the function of formatting, it owns many other advanced features, such as resize, merge, split, recover partition, allocated free space, etc. Therefore, if you have any disk trouble, just download AOMEI Partition Assistant, and resolve the problems immediately.