Upgrade AOMEI Partition Assistant (PA)
Lite to Server Edition

Enjoy Complete Server Disk Partition Management Features
AOMEI Partition Assistant (PA) Lite Edition is a FREEWARE and offers a series of tools which can meet the needs of most server users. Do you need more hard disk partition features? Upgrading from Lite to Server Edition gives you full set of features and makes resizing/moving partition more convenient.
Features AOMEI PA Lite AOMEI PA Server PA Unlimited Edition
AOMEI Backupper Server
Support all Windows operating systems
Windows Server 2003, 2008 (R2), 2012 (R2), 2016
Windows SBS 2003, 2008, 2011
Windows Home Server 2011
Basic partitioning: create, format, delete, wipe, check partitions, wipe hard drive, etc.
Resize and move partition
Change partition size by shrinking, moving and extending volume without data loss.
(No Limit)
(No Limit)
(No Limit)
Merge partitions or merge unallocated space
Merge two adjacent partitions into a bigger one.
Merge unallocated space into an existing partition.
Allocate free space
Move free space from one partition to another.
Split partition
Divide a large partition into 2 small drives.
Copy partition
Clone a partition to another location for data migration and backup.
Partition alignment
Align partition to match the true, underlying block structure so that your disk will gain ideal performance during data access, especially for SSD.
Command line partitioning
Perform disk partition management from command prompt to realize multitasking and scripting.
Quick Partition
Very convenient for sysadmin who partition a hard drive regularly or create the same partition layout for large quantities of computers.
Migrate OS to SSD or HDD
Transfer system partition from HDD to SSD or another HDD without reinstalling Windows and applications.
Convert disk between MBR and GPT partition styles
Convert MBR disk to GPT without data loss.
Convert GPT disk to MBR without data loss.
Convert partition type between primary and logical drive
Convert primary partition to logical drive.
Convert logical drive to primary partition.
Dynamic disk management
Convert dynamic disk to basic without data loss.
Extend, shrink, and move dynamic volume, etc.
Make WinPE bootable CD/USB
Boot server from Windows PE environment to perform disk partition management.
Extend Partition Wizard
Expand system or data partition by taking free space from other partition without reboot.
Disk Copy Wizard
Copy a disk to another disk for hard drive upgrade or data backup.
Partition Recovery Wizard
Recover the partition which was accidentally deleted or lost.
Windows To Go Creator
Install Windows 7, 8/8.1 or 10 to removable USB flash drive and boot it from any computer.
Integrate to Recovery Environment
Integrate AOMEI Partition Assistant and/or AOMEI Backupper installed on your computer into the recovery environment of current system so that you can press F8 to enter into WinPE to use AOMEI software without creating a bootable USB/CD.
SSD Secure Erase Wizard
Securely erase your SSD to reset the SSD to its factory state for peak performance.
Complete and Easy Backup
  • System backup, disk backup, partition backup, file backup and file sync.
  • Full backup, incremental backup, differential backup, command line backup.
  • Schedule automatic backup via daily, weekly, monthly. Backup disk space management.
  • Backup to local disk, external hard drive, NAS device, network drive, CD/DVD.
Fast and Flexible Recovery
  • System restore, disk restore, partition restore and file restore.
  • Dissimilar hardware restore, restore from command prompt.
  • Restore from bootable disc or via PXE boot tool.
  • Selective files restore, UEFI/EFI restore.
License Type
The maximum number of computers is allowed to install the program.
2 servers
Unlimited servers and
PCs within one company
AOMEI Backupper Server is for a single server
US $169.00 $239.00
Lifetime Free Upgrades
A maintenance agreement ensures that you will free receive all updates and new versions that are released after you buy. No need to pay an additional fee for later upgrades.
US $419.00 $499.00
Lifetime Free Upgrades
A maintenance agreement ensures that you will free receive all updates and new versions that are released after you buy. No need to pay an additional fee for later upgrades.
US $286.80 $478.00
Lifetime Free Upgrades
A maintenance agreement ensures that you will free receive all updates and new versions that are released after you buy. No need to pay an additional fee for later upgrades.
* "Move Partition" function in AOMEI PA Lite is limited. If the size of unallocated space is smaller than the partition you want to move, it will be unusable.
If you want to use AOMEI Partition Assistant on unlimited PCs and servers within your company, please choose Unlimited Edition; If you want to make a profit by providing technical services to your clients, please choose Technician Edition.
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Editor's Review

AOMEI Partition Assistant would seem to be the most powerful and capable disk partition utility we've tried. It's highly recommended for all users.    
AOMEI Partition Assistant is a top-flight partition utility and uniquely offers the ability to create Windows To Go disks from any flavor of Windows 8.    
AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional Edition is an all-around application that integrates simple-to-handle options for disk and partition manage-ment.    

Customer's Words

First I want to say how much I appreciate your program. As a sys admin, partitions are always painful and you have made my life easier. I will try to get my company to go for the enterprise server edition.    
I just want to email to let you guys know that Partition Assistant Server saved my bacon. I will definitely use this product again it will always be highly recommended to my colleagues.    
I downloaded and installed your new version and used it to resize a small partition. I must say I was delighted in how good and efficient the software was. I will recommend it to all my computer savvy friends.