MBR vs GPT: Choose Suitable One for You

April 13, 2016

MBR vs GPT, which one is better for you? The differences between MBR and GPT will choose the right one for you.

When you use computer, don’t you know hard disk has its format or type. In general, there are two type of format in hard disk. How should I choose? Which one is suitable for me? Some people may ask such questions? Don’t worry; let’s know something about their basic knowledge.

MBR is short for Master Boot Record which is created by Intel for personal computer users. It restores the information that logical partitions are organized in the storage device. What’s more, MBR also contains executable code which can scan the partitions for the active operating system and load up the operating system.

The standard of MBR partition decides MBR only to support hard disk whose storage space is under 2TB. If the storage of hard disk is over 2TB, the space of MBR hard disk that can be read by computer is only 2TB as well. MBR hard disk only supports four primary partitions or three primary partitions and one extended partition at most. If more partitions are wanted, a secondary structure known as an extended partition is necessary. Extended partitions can then be subdivided into one or more logical partitions.

GPT is the latest style for hard disk. It takes the full advantage of globally unique identifies (GUID) to define the partition and it is a part of the UEFI. GPT is a part of EFI (extended firmware interface, the substitute of PC BIOS) scheme, but it doesn’t rely on EFI main board. GPT can be used in PC that install BIOS main board.

With GPT, you can create unlimited partitions on the hard disk, although most of Windows implementation is restricted to 128 partitions. And also, GPT disk supports its size is over 2TB.

There is no clear distinction to judge which type of hard disk is good or bad. MBR hard disk and GPT hard disk have their own features, and you should choose according to what you need or computer hard ware. In summary, they have such difference below:

  • There is no limited to GPT in partition volume, but windows only support a maximum of 128 GPT partition. The disk volume of GPT can manage can reach 18EB (1EB=1024K=1,048,576TB).
  • GPT can support the hard disk whose storage volume is over 2TB, but, MBR only support hard disk whose biggest storage volume is 2TB.
  • Operating System Support: If your system can not support GPT disks, such as Windows XP Home, you only use MBR disks.

As mentioned above, GPT has more advantages in many aspects, if you want computer for more storages or other features, you should use GPT partition style instead of MBR disk. But if your commuter motherboard doesn’t support UEFI, maybe GPT hard disk will only be a secondary storage device, and you can’t install system on GPT hard disk.

According to what you need or your computer hardware. AOMEI Partition Assistant can help you to convert hard disk between MBR and GPT easily and safely. Of course, you can convert hard disk in Windows disk management built in computer, but you have to prepare a storage device with a huge space to store your data and files, or you will lose all files and data because they will be erased in the process of converting by computer management. The biggest strength of AOMEI Partition Assistant is not only that you can convert hard disk between MBR and GPT freely, but also you can your files and data can be safe. You don’t transfer your data and files to other storage device, because AOMEI Partition Assistant will guard it when it is running.