Resize Partition by Free Partition Manager in Windows Server 2000

December 23, 2014

The free partition manager – AOMEI Partition Assistant Lite Edition can resize (extend/shrink), move and format partition in Windows server 2000 without reinstallation and data loss.

Have you ever meet some problems in the process of managing disk partition for Windows Server 2000 like what else can be done to extend or shrink volume except for reinstalling or deleting? Indeed, it is a big headache for many administrators that Windows 2000 does not have the function of resizing partitions. If they choose the common and traditional way to reach their goal, they will spend lots of time because it is a very tedious and inconvenient work. Thus most people are looking for a better method: no reinstallation and no money. But does it really exist?

Surely! The free partition manager server 2000 – AOMEI Partition Assistant Lite Edition is the one. With the most popular features, (resize, move, format partition for instance) it can help you to manage the volumes very well. And you also need not to worry about the data losing or time wasting any more. It is quite safe and convenient.

Resize partition for Windows 2000 by free partition manager

This free partition magic software is a good tool for users. With its clear and friendly surface, you can operate it easily. If you want to shrink or extend a volume, you just need to lunch the freeware, right click on the target one and choose the option of "Resize Partition", drag the slider to adjust the size in the pop-up window, and in the end click "Apply" on the toolbar to admit your changes. The console is as follow:

Surface of PA lite

Just one point should be paid attention to: extending can be realized only when there is an unallocated space right behind the target partition, if not, you need to separate one from another, then move it to the particular location. What' more, in the process of separating, the released volume must be equal or larger than the final volume to be moved. After all changes are finished, you can preview them. See, is it simple? Then what are you waiting for? Come to download free partition manager to learn more and experience for yourself!