How to Wipe Data Partition For Real, Quick Format or Wipe?

October 25, 2017

Wipe partition is to clear all the data on the partition. You can format a partition or just wipe all data on that partition permanently. Follow this article to learn more.

Sometimes we need to empty our disk for new thing, or just wipe partition for special perpose. there are wizards software free download online, AOMEI Partition Assistant for example, has 6 wizards snaped in, or we can use disk management to do quick format to complete the task.

Different definition on wipe data and quick format partition

When you search "wipe partition" online, you can see many links with this keyword, but when you click in, they are talking about how to format or how to delete partition with build-in tool. however, there are difference between quick format and wipe partition data. those are two defination, although what you can see is data disappear. When you do wipe partition or hard drive, your data cannot be restored by any data recover software, but if you are quick formatting disk (or deleting partition), it can be recover by certern program.

How to Quick Format and Delete Partition

1. Quick Format: run Disk Management, Right-click on the target partition. Choose "Format", then "Quick Format". Click the "OK" to confirm action. Select "OK," again. the it will start to format. Wait for a few minutes.

2. Delete Partition: run Disk Mangement, Choose target partition (not system drive), then right-click to "Delete Partition". by the way, Delete partition is only to tell system this partition is no longer exist, but data stored in it are stll there, apps installed on this partition can not run because the path to the app is not exsit.

3. Erasing or Wiping: There's no wipe functions in Disk Mangement, so you have to use third party software if you are about to clear your data totally. The theory of wipe is to rewrite all combinations of 1-0 to 0, as the hard disk saving data by binary system (1-0).

How to wipe data finally

AOMEI Partition Assitstant Lite Edition (PALE)can wipe data with few clicks. If you are just about to empty the partition, you should do a backup before wipe. AOMEI Backupper, in this situation is the wizard data recovery software to use.

Main interface of Standard Edition

Run PALE on the desktop, choose the target partition, choose Wipe Partition (except the system partition, of course) on the left guide bar. then specify the nunber of times to wipe the partiton: 1-100, the more you choose, the harder it recovers. the you can see the task on the left bottom inPending Operations

meanwhile, with this software, you can also do xp fat32 to ntfs file system conversion without data loss. you can read this page: convert ntfs to fat32 for more infomation. Click here to Download.