How to Increase Size of C Drive Free Space from D Drive in Server?

December 23, 2014

With time goes by, your computer may encounter low disk space due to daily increasing data. Fortunately, you can extend C drive free space from D drive in Windows Sever 2003, 2008, 2012 with one-key operating.

Case Study: Increase Size of C Drive

Lots of computer users may have experienced low working performance of computer due to the low disk space warning causing your work efficiency being slow. That is extremely bad for a good mood.

  • One day, you suddenly get a warning of low disk space on your C drive with unexpected. Since then, you find the performance of your computer is getting slower and slower. It’s a very tricky problem which makes you tired. Especially, it slows down your work efficiency when the deadline of your task is coming. If this situation keeps on for a long time, you will be exhausted by it.

  • When a computer becomes yours, you will always spend a lot of time on optimizing the performance, installing a lot of good applications. However, you are unable to install a newly game you likes very much, because it requires a few Gigabytes disk space but the C drive don’t have enough free space for it. How could you get over it?

  • As you know, the applications you installed will produce cache files when you surfing on Internet, watching movies, listening to songs etc. Finally, you will find that your partition configuration is unbalanced, you are running out of space on C drive, however, there is still a plenty of free disk space on this disk.

All the cases mentioned above are common for computer users and they can deadly affect the performance of your computer. So the users should take effective measures to solve low disk space by extending C drive free space, but what can you do?

The first idea come out in some senior computer users’ mind is Disk Management. Yes, there is a new feature "Extend volume" in Windows Server 2008 and 2012 which allows you to increase the size of partition. However this function is only available when there is unallocated space next to the drive you want to change. What’s more, in Windows Server 2003 and 2000, there is no this feature. Is there a way can solve the problem freely.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Sever: One-key Extend C Drive without Data Loss

AOMEI Partition Assistant Sever Edition is a complete and powerful Windows Server partition manager software designed to satisfy the needs of Sever machine users. It has powerful features which can be widely used in your work such as resize partition, allocate free space, convert dynamic to basic disk, convert MBR to GPT, migrate system to SSD and more features.

How to Increase C Drive Free Space from D Drive?

Before you do:

  • Close all running programs on the partition which you want to extend.
  • Do not forcibly terminate the tasks or cut off the power.

Step1, Download, install and launch the software then select "Extend Partition Wizard" on the left bar.


Step2, Select C drive, and then click Next.


Step3, Select D drive, and then click Next.


Step4, Right move the button to choose the space you want to increase C drive from D drive and click Next.


Step5,Click Proceed.


With the help of the software, you can extend free space of C drive to speed up your computer without losing any data. Besides the simple operating steps can be accepted by users who even don’t have specialized knowledge of computer. What’s more important is that compared with Disk Management, AOMEI Partition Assistant is more practical. So you can have a try.