More functions than other Windows Server 2008 Partition Manager

August 29, 2019

AOMEI Partition Assistant provides the users with many practical functions which are better than those on other partition manager windows server 2008.

A reliable Windows Server 2008 partition manager----AOMEI Partition Assistant


The condition of the server hard drive is very important to the performance of a server system. However, local Windows Disk Managementseems to be an inadequate option to manage the server hard drive partition due to the restriction on its operation. For you to make sure that your server system will always run in good condition, just antivirus for Windows Server 2008 is far from enough, a professional third partyServer 2008 partition manager would be necessary. Here we introduce you an advanced server partition management software---AOMEI Partition Assistant.

Main Functions

1. Resize/Move Partition
Unlike the restriction on Windows Disk Management, AOMEI Partition Assistant allows the users to move and resize the partition freely. Extending and shrinking with local disk management has some basic limitations. You can only shrink a partition if it has enough free space, and you can only extend a partition if it has unallocated space to the right of it on the same drive. But AOMEI will automatically move the unallocated partition right next to the target partition to fulfill the extension.Windows Server 2008 R2 partition size can be controlled arbitrarily with AOMEI Partition Assistant.

2. Align Partition
A regular hard drive usually starts its first partition after 63 empty blocks while SSD require 64 blocks of data for optimal performance. If you happen to transfer the data to SSD, align partition function is extremely required. Otherwise the performance of the SSD might be greatly degraded. AOMEI Partition Assistant is the best partition management tool with the function for aligning SSD partition automatically. Thus it will help you to improve the whole SSD performance.

3. Primary/Logical partition conversion
As a common sense, a hard drive can only have up to 4 primary partitions. With AOMEI Partition Assistant, the primary partition can be converted into a logical partition for the users to created more extended partitions. And this process is risk free.

Apart from the main functions above, AOMEI Partition Assistant also got GPT/MBR Disk Conversion, Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic and other functions included. It’s a mature and reliablepartition manager Windows Server 2008. The safety of data can be guaranteed.

Surface of PA Lite


AOMEI Partition Assistant is a very powerful and stable partition manager server 2008 with many useful functions. It’s a great companion for small business servers.