Free Resize Server Partition for Windows 2000, 2003, 2008

December 23, 2014

As Partition Magic Server free, free partition manager server-AOMEI Partition Assistant Lite Edition can help you free resize partition in Windows Server 2000/2003/2008 without data loss.

Are you finding such kind of software which can resize server partition for Windows 2000, 2003, 2008 without charge? Then look at this article. It will provide a freeware that you need and tell you how to operate it in details. Now let's see this magic free partition manager server - AOMEI Partition Assistant Lite Edition together.

The reasons why server partition resizer is needed

Have you ever meet such condition as the computer runs very slowly or even collapses sometimes? Is it very irritated for you? Generally, everything happens with reasons and solutions. As for this case, two reasons may explain it.

One is that there are indeed too many files or programs in your computer, which almost occupy all the space, and then the running will surely have some problems. By this time, you may need to delete some data or reinstall system to change the embarrassment.

Another reason may be the irrational allocation of partitions. When setting up server, you may allocate too much space to one volume but too little to another, or just distribute them equally. This is not advisable because every partition has its particular use and corresponding capacity. Thus how much amount of space should be given to one volume (especially the system volume) is necessary to take into consideration. But what if the irrational allocation has already existed? Will you take the same way as the former? In fact, you needn't, because the server partition resizer can help you promptly.

Which server partition resizer to choose?

To administrators, resizing server partition is somewhat a hard job. And at present, most of server partition resizers on the market need money. Is there any software that can be operated easily and freely? Yes! AOMEI Partition Assistant Lite Edition is such a good tool, and is the only free one. It can help you to maximum use the capacity of server and optimize it with many functions. Whether your server is Windows 2000, 2003, 2008, Windows Small Business Server 2003, 2008, 2011 or Windows Home Server 2011, it can support all. And another advantage is that you can preview all operations before applying them.

Resize partition by free server partition resizer

Firstly, download free server partition manager and install it. Then follow the steps to adjust which partition you want to change. (Here we choose shrinking D partition and Extending C drive in Windows Server 2003 as an example.)

Step1: Launch the Partition Assistant Lite edition, right click on D partition and select "Resize Partition". In the pop-up window, drag the slider bar leftwards, click "OK", and some unallocated space will release from D partition.

Step2: Right click on D partition and select "Move Partition". In the pop-up window, drag the slider bar to the rightmost. Click "OK", you'll find the free space comes to the location behind C drive.

Step3: Then, extend C drive similar to shrink D partition.

Step4: After previewing and checking the change, don't forget to click "Apply" on the toolbar to commit.

The following is its surface:

Surface of PA Lite

Note: There is a limitation in the step 2: you can move partition only on the condition that the unallocated space is equal or larger than the one to be moved. Otherwise, the next step could not continue.

Now download the free server partition resizer and have a try.