How to Change NTFS to FAT32 to Support XBOX 360 and PS3 without Losing Data for Free?

July 26, 2017

Changing NTFS to FAT32 is difficult on Windows, while changing NTFS to FAT32 without spending a dime and losing data could be another challenge. With the assistance of free AOMEI Partition Assistant, it is easy for you to achieve the object.

NTFS and FAT32 are the two kinds of file systems and play important roles in their own field. NTFS, the latest file systems, has many strengths over FAT32, including better performance on volumes (20GB and more), more space-efficient on larger volumes (8GB or larger) and resistant to fragmentation, etc. Most of the hard drive is formatted as the NTFS, nevertheless, FAT32 is compatible with some other equipments such as game controller machines (including XBOX 360 and PS3).

Both XBOX 360 and PS3 use FAT32 as the standard, so you may suffer from file system problems. Change NTFS to FAT32 is a good method if your XBOX 360 or PS3 cannot recognize the NTFS USB. One way commonly used to change NTFS to FAT32 is to use Windows format tool to format NTFS to FAT32.

  • Open my Computer.  
  • Right click on the drive that you want to change to FAT32 and select the "Format…" option.  
  • Choose "FAT32" in the "File system" line and tick the "Quick Format" option.  
  • Select the "Start" button, it may spend minutes (depending on the drive size).  
The Interface of Quick Format

By doing that, now you’ll change NTFS to FAT32 to support your XBOX 360 or PS3. You may find that the FAT32 option is not available if your drive size is larger than 32GB, which caused by the limitation of Windows itself. To solve this problem, we need to apply the third-party software. Free AOMEI Partition Assistant is built-in NTFS to FAT32 Converter, saving you a lot of time in changing NTFS to FAT32 to support your XBOX 360 or PS3 without losing data and spending a dime.

Here’s the screenshot of the interface:

The Screenshot of The Interface

The Screenshot of The Interface

It’s fresh in interface and easy to operate, you can make any operations with a few clicks of the mouse. Apart from changing NTFS to FAT32, AOMEI Partition Assistant provides the function of changing FAT32 to NTFS, this allows you to make conversions between the two file systems freely.

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