Create Windows 8 Bootable USB Drive with Windows To Go Creator Wizard

December 23, 2014

To create Windows 8 bootable USB disk, one can use Windows 8 on any devices anywhere. In this article, we

Microsoft brought us many new and exciting features with Windows 8 Enterprise Edition. Windows To Go is one of them that allows us to create a windows 8 bootable USB drive, so that we can use our own Windows 8 system wherever we go. To make a Windows 8 bootable flash drive, first thing we need to do is to choose a Windows To Go certified USB drive as the destination drive. The USB drive for Windows To Go must be larger than 32GB. Also, for better result, USB 3.0 is strongly recommended. Once the USB drive is ready, let’s see how to create windows 8 bootable USB disk in the built-in Windows To Go Creator Center. (The file system of the USB drive must be NTFS. And there should be at least one primary partition on it.)

Step1. Insert the USB drive then go to Windows To Go Creator Center in the Control Panel.

Step2. Once the Windows To Go Creator Center is open, we’ll see that the system is searching for the USB drive. If the USB drive inserted is qualified for Windows To Go, then we can find it like in the picture below. Click on Next to proceed.

Put Win8 on USB Drive

Step3. Here we need to pick a Windows 8 image to put it on the USB drive. The image could be from the pain Windows 8 installation disc or the one that you are currently using. When the image is selected, click on Next.

Launch Command Prompt

Step4. We’ll be asked to set a BitLocker password for the Windows To Go workspace. But it’s only optional, we can skip this step. In addition, we can decide later and enable BitLocker after we have booted into the WTG device.

Win To Go Command Line

Step5. In the final step, click Create to start the WTG workspace provisioning process. The whole process may take about 15-30 minutes depending on the size of the image. Once the process in over, click on Save and Close to finalize.

Now, enjoy Windows 8 where you go with this created Windows 8 bootable USB disk.