Quick Way to Revert Partition from NTFS to FAT32 for Free

December 23, 2014

NTFS and FAT32 are the two basic file systems, making conversions between NTFS and FAT32 is a procedure commonly used in Windows and other operating systems. It is easy to convert FAT32 to NTFS, while revert from NTFS to FAT32 is relatively difficult. So we sometimes need to rely on the third-party software.

NTFS and FAT32 are the two basic file systems. One procedure commonly used on OS is make conversions between the two types of file systems. Generally speaking, NTFS has advantages over FAT32 such as improved support for the use of advanced data structures to improve performance, reliability and the usage of disk space.

If you have got a hard drive formatted with the FAT32 file system, you might have found that you can’t copy large files to that drive. So how do you solve the problem? Converting the FAT32 file system over to NTFS is the only solution. You may find an easy way to do this with command ‘convert drive letter: /fs:ntfs’ in Windows without formatting or backing up data. While once you convert FAT32 to NTFS, it’s not possible to convert NTFS back to FAT32 without formatting or backing up the data and later restoring. You have to spend time on reformatting the drive partition or backing up your data in converting NTFS to FAT32 on Windows.

Generally, there are two ways to revert partition from NTFS to FAT32, revert NTFS to FAT32 with Windows format tool and with the help of third party software. The next is how to revert partition from NTFS to FAT32:

  • 1. Right click on Windows Explore >Open file location > Computer.
  • 2. Right click on the partition/drive that you want to format and choose the ‘Format…’button.
  • 3. Choose ‘FAT32’ in the “File system” and then choose ‘Quick format’.
  • 4. Click ‘Start’ to start the format, the process may spend minutes (it depends on your file size).

Tips: The ‘FAT32’ option is invalid if the drive you want to format is larger than 32GB, in that case, you may use AOMEI Partition Assistant’s format feature to solve the problem.

You’ll succeed to convert partition from NTFs to Fat32, but all your data could be risky of being erased in the process of partition reformatting. To prevent from reformatting, then you need to refer to the second method, convert partition from NTFS to FAT32 with third-party software. Of all software, free AOMEI Partition Assistant could be a pretty one.

The picture below is the screenshot for free AOMAI Partition Assistant (Clicking the ‘NTFS to FAT32 converter’ in Wizards on the top left corner of AOMEI Partition Assistant. You may also refer to the step by step operations)

AOMEI Partition Assistant

The ‘NTFS to Fat32 Converter’ interface

AOMEI Partition Assistant built-in NTFS to FAT32 converter simplifies the process of reverting from NTFS to FAT32, and you can achieve that goal with a few clicks of the mouse. You can make conversions between NTFS and FAT32 file systems easily. With its help, revert partition from NTFS to FAT32 is such an easy work. Actually, the software is more powerful than that, you may also access to more powerful functions including file systems and Operating System such as transfer Os to SSD, etc.

Download FREEWARE AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition