Server Partition Management: Resize Partition on Windows Server 2003/2008/2000

December 23, 2014

Partition Assistant Server Edition lets people feel free to do server partition resize operations, on this point; it becomes server 2000/2003/2008 users

Partition magic is the right one people usually installed in computer for the common partition operations when the Windows server OSs like 2000, 2003, and 2008 are not widespread. On the contrary, currently, partition magic is no longer attracting the users' eyes because it can not satisfy their demands about the advanced partition operations on the Windows server OSs. Luckily, there are many partition magic alternatives for users to choose, one server partition manager—Partition Assistant, its server edition is especially designed for the Windows server users, it shows up the features most. Its free partition manager edition, professional/unlimited/technician edition also supports the various complex works, experience their functions give you.

With Partition Assistant Server, the complex-realization will never bother you. Read on, we will set out the easy-to-understand icon operate steps next. You also can download the demo to have a try and get the better understand.

  1. Open Partition Assistant, the follow interface have two choice—Extend Partition Wizard and Partition Assistant, the former one is built-in Partition Assistant mainly for the users who only want to extend system partition. So, we take Partition Assistant for instance:

    Choose Partition Assistant to continue

  2. 1) Shrink D:
    The following screenshot shows the entire partition detail information—file system, total capacity, etc. If D: partition is our target partition, we can right click D: choose "Resize" option, click "Resize" on the toolbar, click "Resize/Move Partition" on the sidebar or directly drag the double-headed arrow on the image in center:

    Four choices for resizing partition

    Next, we choose resize partition get the new window, drag both directions or enter the digital number is ok.

    Drag right/left to shrink D:

    2) Extend D:
    Extend D: partition is available on the condition that there should have unallocated space next to D:. How? Through the above method to shrink E: or C: to release unallocated space for D:, then we get the following image, drag to right or left to occupy the unallocated space:

    Drag to right/left to extend D:

  3. The operations above are pending to change until you click the "Apply". After this click, it may take you several minutes to effect the changes.

Partition Assistant Server Edition does server partition resize job 100% guarantee data security and change efficiency, furthermore, let people feel at ease about any difficult operations. Buy now, use it, smile to it.